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NDRC: to Jilin province to carry out comprehensive reform and development of our retail side reform National Commission on the National Energy Board agreed to carry out the sale of electricity reform in Jilin province to change the [2016]2236, Jilin provincial development and Reform Commission, Jilin Provincial Energy Bureau to report: "Jilin Province Bureau of energy on reporting" in Jilin province the implementation of the sale of electricity reform program "from the side" (Jilin Power 2016 No. 182) has been received. After study, the reply is as follows: first, the sale side agreed to carry out pilot reform in Jilin province. The principle agreed to the overall consideration of the province’s pilot work. After consultation with relevant departments to form the revised summary views "Jilin province electricity sales side reform pilot program" attached. Two, strengthen organizational leadership, refine the pilot program. You need to strengthen the organization and leadership of the sale of electricity reform pilot work, establish and improve the work system and working mechanism, a clear lead unit and relevant departments division of responsibilities. In accordance with the "opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the reform of power system" (in the 2015 No. 9, hereinafter referred to as document No. 9) and "opinions" on promoting the sale of electricity reform spirit, combined with the actual refinement of the pilot program, improve the matching rules, focus the work, regulate the sale of electricity the main market access and exit mechanism, multi way to cultivate the electricity sales side of the main body of market competition, improve the power market trading mechanism, strengthen the construction of credit system and risk prevention, to speed up the market structure and market system of effective competition, and on a pilot basis to sum up the experience, as soon as possible to expand the coverage of the reform. Three, grasp the direction of reform, standardize the pilot. The sale of electricity reform and the high degree of social concern, affecting a wide range, the complexity of the situation, the pilot areas should adhere to the correct direction of reform, to ensure that the document No. 9 in and supporting documents within the framework to promote the pilot, the pilot work to prevent direction zoupian. The pilot work should adhere to three principles: one is to adhere to the principles of the market price, to avoid administrative orders against the direction of the reform measures, reduce the price; two is to adhere to the principle of fair competition, power generation enterprises through investment in the construction of a dedicated line to the user and other forms of direct power supply, shall conform to the planning, to fulfill their social responsibilities, according to the provisions of national law compliance the establishment of government funds, and policy and cross subsidies system is consistent with the industrial policies of the standby fee; three is to adhere to the principle of energy conservation, should be implemented in accordance with the provisions of differential power prices and punitive tariffs of the enterprise, shall not take the opportunity to change the relative price and provide preferential electricity subsidies. Four, steadily push forward reforms to ensure the safety of electricity. Pilot areas to establish the mechanism of problem discovery and error correction, and effectively prevent the risk of possible pilot process, the flexibility to deal with the problems in the pilot work, to ensure the safety of the grid, to protect people’s livelihood electricity. The National Energy Bureau of northeast Supervision Bureau and the relevant departments of the provincial power according to the functions to perform supervisory duties, subject to market related market power, fair competition, fair and open grid transactions and the implementation of supervision, supervision of power trading institutions and power dispatching agencies perform market rules. Strengthen coordination with the power grid enterprises, power generation enterprises and other related aspects of communication, do a good job title相关的主题文章:

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