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"Security" in Guangzhou big data action teach you to see the "old" – Beijing Dayang according to statistics, by the end of 2015, the city of Guangzhou for more than 60 years of age of household registration of the elderly population of 1 million 475 thousand people, accounting for 17.3% of the total population. Guangzhou City, great care and attention to the cause of aging development, vigorously promote the old service level, focus on the inheritance of respecting virtue, and effectively improve and gain a sense of happiness of the elderly. In recent years, Guangzhou actively deepen the reform of the pension services, has promulgated the "Guangzhou aging development Twelfth Five Year Plan", "Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government Office on deepening the reform of community home-based care services such as the implementation of the views of" more than 30 old related policies and regulations, enhance the efficiency of the service for the aged. Recently, Guangzhou city has issued the implementation of the "Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government on accelerating the comprehensive reform of the pension services implementation opinions", "Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government on deepening the reform of public pension institutions opinions" and other policy documents, to accelerate the development of pension services comprehensive reform. Pension institutions bed 5 years has increased by 90%, Guangzhou actively promote the reform and innovation of pension services, improve the social pension service system. Development and implementation of the Guangzhou pension service facilities layout planning (2013-2020), the new independent land 53, an area of 144.42 hectares, to protect the needs of pension institutions before 2020. New urban and residential areas in accordance with the standard of 4.5 beds per thousand people supporting the construction of pension facilities. At present, the total area of the facilities for the aged is more than 2 million 400 thousand square meters, with an average of more than 0.28 square meters per capita, which is more than the standard of the people’s Republic of China, which is raised by the State Council of the people’s Republic of China, which is 0.1 square meters per capita. Focus on promoting public pension institutions 1+5 new projects, 1+6 expansion project and the city of geriatric rehabilitation hospital and other demonstration projects. In the past 5 years, the city’s pension agency beds from 28 thousand to 53 thousand, an increase of 89.2%, the number of beds per thousand elderly people has increased to 38 from 24, an increase of 58.3%, the State Council put forward the implementation of beds per thousand elderly with 35~40 Zhang goal 5 years ahead of time. Vigorously promote the construction of various types of home care services, community care facilities coverage rate of 100%. In recent years, annual investment of 32 million yuan for the 13 thousand "three", the elderly, elderly living alone is difficult to purchase community home-based care services, "three" the elderly stay free public pension institutions, subsistence allowances for low-income elderly people stay public pension institutions in accordance with the preferential price. At present, Guangzhou city has built 149 home-based care services, home-based care services demonstration center 24, daycare institutions (meals to help) 170, Integrated Family Service Center 186, 1460 star elderly homes, community care service facilities construction area of 760 thousand square meters, the city built three-dimensional coverage community home care the service system of urban and rural areas and various functions. Improve the "safe" emergency call system, up to 41 thousand users; the implementation of the "silver age health action", as of now 963 thousand elderly insured elderly accident insurance coverage, "declared相关的主题文章:

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