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Listed housing prices below 10% of the profit margin of the money was made? Sohu financial real estate is really a profiteering industry? The figures do not reflect at least Real Estate Company listed on the earnings that, under the real estate prices over the past more than and 10 years continued to rise in the background, net interest rate of real estate listed companies continued to decline, even has fallen below 10%. When the real estate is the most important resource — land and capital are highly monopoly and regulation, the real estate business is actually "walk on". Listed companies net profit margin fell below 10% money where? Although the current round of a second tier city of skyrocketing housing prices make a lot of sitting on a huge amount of land reserves of large real estate companies lying to make money, but in the past 5 years housing prices listed on the gross margin and net profit margin decreased on the whole. The bread of Finance (WeChat public number ID:mbcaijing) statistics of more than and 120 listed companies in the real estate industry over the years the profit rate was found at the end of 2015, net profit of listed real estate companies rate of 9.99%, nearly 10 years for the first time below 10%, down 7 percentage points compared to 17.02% in 2009. Housing prices in the first half of this year, net profit margin of about 9.94%, still less than 10%. If the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company to calculate, since last year, net profit margin has actually fallen below 9%. Below is the financial statistics according to the results of bread drawn over the real estate listed companies profit chart:   housing prices listed on the gross profit also experienced 4 years of continuous decline, and the first half of this year to stop the decline in. 2011 to the first half of this year, the gross profit margin of listed housing prices fell from 39.09% to 27.78%, down more than 10 percentage points. Large A shares listed room rate profit margins can reflect the overall situation of the industry. Earnings data show: 2007 Poly Real estate net profit margin of 20.06% in the first half of this year was $12.67% in, down nearly 8 percentage points. Vanke sales net profit margin fell from 17.43% in 2010 to the first half of this year, 9.49%. Over the past few years, prices continued to rise and the overall decline in the overall price of housing prices listed, largely reflecting the real estate as the main cost of land and taxes and fees higher than the rate of increase in operating income. On the other hand, due to the special revenue and profit accounting of real estate enterprises, the second half of this year, a second tier cities skyrocketing prices, usually reflected in the second half and the first half of next year’s earnings. However, when prices soared, a second tier land prices to rise faster, flour bread almost become the norm. Listed real estate companies to enhance the profit margins have been swallowed by the king. Cold profit rate data show that: in front of the height of the monopoly of land, even if the Real Estate Company is only to house the price setter. Profit growth by asset expansion super predators can survive the real estate business profit growth depends largely on the expansion of asset size and financial leverage. 127 listed real estate listed companies for more than 5 years of data statistics found: from the 201.相关的主题文章:

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