SHARP wants to revive the white goods business wants to sell Hisense’s trademark to buy back 嘿嘿taxi

SHARP wants to revive the white home appliance business wants to sell Hisense’s trademark to buy back Tencent technology news consumer electronics giant in Japan, has a very high profile brand. Over the years, when the business is in trouble, the trademark rights are often granted to overseas companies as an additional income. According to the Nikkei News reported on Thursday, after the Sharp Co was acquired by Foxconn, Foxconn and ample funds temporarily, to revive SHARP white goods business, SHARP plans from Hisense and other foreign companies to buy the trademark right. In mid August, Foxconn Group officially completed a $3 billion 500 million acquisition of SHARP’s controlling stake in the transaction, SHARP is currently beginning to restructure the business, improve efficiency, but also in the re evaluation of SHARP’s business. Foxconn believes that it is necessary to revive SHARP’s white goods business in overseas markets. Prior to SHARP has pulled out of the home appliance market in many countries, if you want to return to these markets, SHARP first of all to be authorized in the past to buy back the trademark of other companies. The first step, SHARP will first be headquartered in Turkey, the European home appliance company Vestel consultations. In September 2014, SHARP and the company signed an agreement to authorize each other in the use of SHARP trademark on household appliances. Now, SHARP is going to turn you back on the deal. In the past, SHARP has pulled out of the European television market, and the trademark license to the UMC company in Slovakia. In 2015, SHARP also pulled out of the North American and South American TV market. China’s home appliance giant Hisense group (micro-blog), spent $23 million 700 thousand acquisition of SHARP’s TV factory in Mexico, and access to the SHARP trademark rights in North and South America, for a period of five years. Hisense subsequently implemented a dual brand strategy in these markets, while the introduction of the use of SHARP TV or Hisense trademark products. Hisense executives said the two brands have different connotations, so Hisense will implement differentiated brand marketing strategy. Nikkei News reported that SHARP also hopes to buy back trademark rights from Hisense. However, the prospects for the acquisition of trademark rights and acquisitions of overseas companies, is not clear. Earlier this year, Foxconn group and SHARP signed the acquisition agreement, Hisense executives have told the media that Hisense continues to use SHARP brand authorization will not be affected by the acquisition. Not long ago, in the face of SHARP may buy back the trademark rights rumors, Hisense said it has not received any official information from SHARP, Hisense believes that SHARP should not violate the agreement between the two sides. It is worth mentioning that, although SHARP has the slightly awkward scene, but in the face of ordinary household appliances market’s lack of competitiveness, the Japanese consumer electronics manufacturers, continue to implement exit the market, foreign authorized trademark practice. Not long ago, China (micro-blog) group spent $500 million acquisition of Toshiba’s white goods business in Japan, while obtaining a trademark for a period of 40 years. The United States said it would make this business profitable in 2017. (Comprehensive dawn) promotion: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? How will VR change life? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章:

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