Qiu Shaoyun honorary case to compensate 1 yuan of goodwill who get to – Sohu reading 音羽かなで

Qiu Shaoyun honorary case to compensate 1 yuan of goodwill who get to? The contradiction between Sohu – reading "the story of Qiu Ju" is not complicated, but is a focus on the issue of face. The a level of appeal, ask for "saying", in fact is to let her husband beat the mayor to apologize. As for medical expenses, lost income and economic compensation, she didn’t mind. But the paradox is that the beating of the village would rather lose money, but they are reluctant to bow to apologize chrysanthemum home. The logic is very simple, the assault is wrong, not to admit, what the wrong, can not give yourself to admit it! The logic is more simple, he is the mayor, money is small, because the money does not mean he is wrong, it does not mean you admit. Lose money, but in the face of Lee public security, his prestige in front of the villagers did not hurt. So, even lose money, he is still a high head in front of the chrysanthemum. You know, the prestige is not empty, the prestige is the big night chrysanthemum dystocia, the village people of the village to the theatre, nobody in the village, the home for the door when the helpless, the word can make people from the call came to help carry the story to the hospital. So, want to think his face is more important than money village down mistake, which is not. He put the compensation two hundred dollars thrown on the ground, on the said: "I can not take the money, there are twenty Zhang, you take a picture, just give me a low head." I put such a, not beside the point, but to use the contradiction of "the story of Qiu Ju" in this movie, that face apology and economic compensation money is not equal. In some people’s values, it is better to compensate, do not apologize, because they think their face is more important. In some people’s view, as long as you can not lose money, there is no loss of the economy, face a fart, apology apology. "The story of Qiu Ju", and the village lies in the contradiction, they are that the face is more important than money. 1 yuan of mental solatium, which is Qiu Shaoyun’s brother, the old man raised by Mr. Qiu Shaohua. The purpose of it is also very obvious, the old gentleman is to tell all the people with the symbolic 1 yuan compensation, his lawsuit purpose is not for the money, but to give his brother Qiu Shaoyun’s rights, what he wants, but let Sun Jie and jiaduobao apologized for their words and deeds. After a year, the court sentenced the results to meet the requirements of the old man, the two defendants publicly apologized, compensation for 1 yuan. But is the verdict a triumph of justice? To reward a man all advised, one in the world and the effect of criminal punishment, to prevent future Qiu Shaoyun martyrs insult a clown? Look at these messages:相关的主题文章:

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