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It only happens to be "C" in "F" of the Bodykits- Sohu in automobile Japanese luxury brands, Lexus is the most famous, the old habits will be called lexus. IS is the youngest of the models of the Lexus family, at the same time it is also the target population of young people, the design and dynamic training towards sports fashion, excellent interior work, make it a challenge to the BMW 3 series qualification. Lexus IS models is very rich, not only the conventional models, and launched a convertible version for high-end consumer groups, the convertible for the European car site, but IS C can be said to be following the SC430 since Lexus and a heavy masterpiece. Today, our protagonist is a 13 IS250C, in the country can be said to be relatively rare, a new generation of IS in the country did not launch convertible models. This car will give people a lot of visual illusion, it is the appearance of the biggest bright spot, surrounded by the front face of the new IS F-Sport before and at the end of the car is based on the original IS F upgrade after surrounded with hardtop convertible design, this car is more like a cross age products. The new IS F-Sport front bumper very sporty, more angular than before, more of a "ferocious" feeling; wing and side skirts IS-F style as a whole, the design of opening a performance car; tail design is relatively low-key, very chic duckling modified wing. Love IS stand in the rear side of the C angle of 45 to appreciate it silently, streamline shape, elegant, full and open attitude strong three-dimensional sense hips at a glance. With the BBS lightweight forged wheels, CUSCO cutter tooth shock, showing the incomparable elegance. The rim is hidden under the two after the first four Lexus LS460 brake calipers, black paint is very low-key, but you can not ignore its performance, at least for this car was more than sufficient. In today’s turbo car over the years, self-priming engine completely lack of competitiveness, unless American large displacement, the IS250C is equipped with a 2.5L V6 self-priming engine horsepower 208 factory, light from the data is really good, but you can not ignore the body weight, close to 2 tons or quality drag the heavy legs. However, in the era of BMW E90, is still quite competitive. In terms of power, the car owners take into account the weight of the car, to maintain the original data. Facelift Towmex intake system, it is said that the air quality is pretty good. After the shooting, the owner told me: he chose this car is completely accidental, taking into account the comfort and the appearance of the movement, but in terms of power or slightly inadequate. For this car, the future will take greater action, 5.0L V8 head, 8 speed gearbox… Let us look forward to it! Modification list: Towmex intake BLTZ oil cover new IS F-Sport front bar PIAA coated wiper BBS RG monolithic.相关的主题文章:

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