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Net exposure is 71 years and the difficulties of life said the official poverty line income exceeds the original title: network transmission 71 years age difference son life difficult Zhejiang civil affairs responded to income over the poverty line in Hangzhou on 25 February, (reporter Xie hunters Intern Li Chenxiao) 84 years old father 13 years old baby, this is the 71 year old Zhang Youfu the day before his son entered the public view, and the total annual family income of less than 2000 yuan of living in poverty has sparked widespread public sympathy and hot debate. Reporter 25 from Zhejiang Provincial Civil Affairs Department learned that, in fact, the Zhang Youfu family 2015, and other types of insurance relief, condolences income reached 28000 yuan, 2015 years of the Zhang Youfu family per capita cash income has exceeded the poverty line standard. According to media reports, Zhang Youfu married than their nearly 30 year old wife Zhang Liangping at the age of 70, and successively gave birth to two sons of Zhang and Zhang team. Today, a 14 year old, a team at the age of 13, Zhang Youfu is 84 years old. Zhang Youfu said in the report, a family of four living in less than 10 square meters of the house, only two beds and a small television, the annual economic income of less than 2000 yuan, Zhang Youfu hospital lived 5 times this year, the body is more and more much, whenever we wake up at midnight, Zhang Youfu looked at sleep two young children in the next bed, my heart always say a taste. A report posted on the web, raises the attention of the local civil affairs department. Pujiang County Civil Affairs Bureau, Zhang Youfu was born in June 1933, and his ex-wife (died more than 10 years) a total of 2 adoptions society abandoned, the eldest daughter Zhang Fangfang was born in May 7, 1992, has been married; daughter Zhang Xuanxuan was born in July 10, 1992, graduated to work. Zhang Youfu’s second wife Zhang Liangping (born May 20, 1962) there is no fixed work at present. After the two married in 2002, the eldest son of Zhang, Zhang second team in 2003 and were born in 2004, is currently studying. Pujiang County Civil Affairs Bureau relevant responsible person said, at present, the Zhang Youfu family lived in the village of two public houses by more than 60 square meters, Zhang Youfu receive a monthly pension of 1501.2 yuan of landless peasants. The Civil Affairs Department of the Zhang Youfu family has already incorporated into the low range, 2015 issued a total of low margin 7640 yuan. Considering the difficulties in the family, economic pressure, 2015 Pujiang County Civil Affairs Bureau issued a total of two temporary aid totaling 3000 yuan (2000 yuan in February 2015, 1000 yuan in October 2015; January 2016) assistance payments, condolence payments totaling 3900 yuan (including the Civil Affairs Bureau of temporary assistance payments 1000 yuan, Puyang Street Office of temporary aid 500 yuan, Pujiang County charity relief funds 1500 yuan, the Civil Affairs Bureau of the Spring Festival condolences 900 yuan). The official also said, in fact, the per capita cash income in 2015 had the Zhang Youfu family above the poverty line standard in Zhejiang. Next, the civil affairs department will continue to focus on the Zhang Youfu family due to illness caused by the difficulties of life, give timely assistance. (end) editor: Zhang Chun SN182

网曝相差71岁父子生活困难 官方称收入超贫困线   原标题:网传年龄差71岁父子生活困难 浙江民政回应收入超贫困线   中新网杭州2月25日电 (记者 谢盼盼 实习生 李晨虓) 84岁的爹13岁的娃,这一对相差71岁的张有富父子日前走进了民众的视野,而其全家全年总收入不足2000元的贫困生活引发了民众的广泛热议与同情。记者25日从浙江省民政厅了解到,事实上,张有富家庭2015年保险、救助、慰问等各类收入达到28000元以上,2015年张有富家庭人均现金收入早已超过浙江贫困线标准。   媒体报道称,张有富在70岁时娶了比自己小近30岁的妻子张良平,并先后生下了两个儿子张部和张队。如今,张部14岁,张队13岁,而张有富已经84岁了。   在报道中称,张有富一家四口挤在10平方米不到的小屋里,只有两张床和一台小电视机,全年经济收入不足2000元,张有富今年住了5次医院,身体越来越吃不消了,每当午夜梦醒,张有富看着睡在隔壁床上的两个幼子,心里总是有说不出的滋味。   报道一出在网络上传开,就引发了当地民政部门的重视。   经浦江县民政局了解,张有富出生于1933年6月,与前妻(已去世十多年)共收养2个社会弃婴,大女儿张芳芳1992年5月7日出生,现已出嫁;小女张宣宣1992年7月10日出生,已毕业打工。张有富第二任妻子张良平(1962年5月20日出生)目前没有固定工作。两人2002年结婚后,长子张部、次子张队分别于2003年和2004年出生,目前正在读书。   浦江县民政局相关负责人表示,目前,张有富全家居住在60多平方米的两间村公房内,张有富每月领取失地农民养老保险金1501.2元。民政部门早已将张有富家庭纳入低保范围,2015年共发放低保金7640元。考虑到其家庭困难,经济压力较大,2015年浦江县民政局共两次发放临时救助金共计3000元(2015年2月2000元,2015年10月1000元);2016年1月发放救助金、慰问金等共计3900元(其中民政局临时救助金1000元、浦阳街道办事处临时救助金500元、浦江县慈善总会救助金1500元、民政局春节慰问金900元)。   该负责人还表示,事实上,2015年张有富家庭人均现金收入早已超过浙江贫困线标准。下一步,民政部门将持续关注张有富家庭因病造成的生活困难,适时给予相关救助。(完) 责任编辑:张淳 SN182相关的主题文章:

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