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Sports-and-Recreation Horse riding clothes are more than just for display and looking good while you are riding. Proper dressing also makes sure that you are safe and comfortable while riding. Whether you are a Western or European rider, you should take note that there are standards of horse riding wear and you need to apply them to your apparel when you take a ride with your horse. Here is some of the basic horse riding clothing that you would need for this sport. Read each word carefully to reveal some of the important information that you may have overlooked. Q1: What kind of hat or helmet to wear? Indeed, a hat or helmet protects your head with its strong shield and impact absorbing lining in case you fall off your horse. Cowboy hats are popularly used by Western riders, while caps and derby hats are more favored by Europeans. Just make sure that the head-wear you use is SEI/ASTM (Safety Equipment Institute/American Standard for Testing Materials) approved. Q2: What kind of jackets should you wear? Rather than making sure that you are well-clothed and look good while riding, you should care more for a horse riding jacket. Indeed, it plays the role to make you feel comfortable while sitting on your horse. In this manner, you should wear a jacket that has a vent at its back or gusset so its bottom parts could spread or lie back on the saddle. This way, the clothing would not get in your way of riding your horse. Q3: What kind of gloves should you buy? Horse riding gloves make sure that you would not get blisters on your hands while handling your horse. In addition, these gloves make you feel comfortable while riding, roping, or whatever activity you are doing with your steed. Q4: What kind of pants to wear? Horse riding breeches, Jodhpurs, or jeans provide you protection from the rough leather saddle. In addition, thanks to the seat patches, they offer you the best convenience and comfort while riding. These items also protect your legs and knees from other things you might encounter while riding. Q5: What kind of riding boots should you opt for? Wear footwear that has about one and half inch heel and low threads. Adding to this, make sure that the heel and sole are appropriate enough to fit with the stirrups. Trainers are alright to wear while riding, while hiking boots are big enough to get you stuck in the stirrups. Make sure that you have reliable riding apparel and not just cheap horse riding clothes. Do not compromise, when it comes to the quality. Adding to this, it is strongly recommended to check online forums to see what others say. This way, you will shorten your learning curve. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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