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UnCategorized Almost everyone in America loves to watch all the award shows that are televised. We are spellbound by the opulence of the stars and what they are wearing. We take in everything about them when they are embarking on their famously scrutinized walks down the red carpets. We love to praise and criticize their attire as if it is our obligation and right to do so. Designer dresses are often on the receiving end of cruel .ments if they are ill fitting, distasteful, or down right ridiculous. Their glorious jewelry does not seem to ever be criticized. The reason must be that almost all jewelry is beautiful, especially if it is a diamond creation. Harry Winston, a famous jeweler on Rodeo Drive, is famous for loaning extremely expensive jewels to the stars that grace the red carpets we love to watch. This gives publicity for the jewelers and provides all that glorious jewelry at no charge to the famous, if only for one night. This practice started for Winston when in 1943 he loaned Jennifer Jones her Oscar gems. Whoopi Golgberg is the actress who has worn the highest amount of loaned jewels from Winston, valued at $ 41 million dollars. It is said that Winston loans out an estimated $200 million dollars worth of jewelry each year to be displayed at the Oscars. Anytime you make a habit of loaning things to friends, there are bound to be problems. A yellow diamond necklace Whoopi once borrowed and wore got misplaced in her bosem. Of coarse it was found. Another actress we will not name is said to have misconstrued her borrowed jewels as a gift and later sued Winston. It has be.e a .mon practice in recent years for stars to be handsomely .pensated for wearing certain jewels by certain designers at many of the award shows. Lorraine E. Schwartz is another famous jeweler who has been loaning jewels to the stars. At the 2002 Golden Globe her recognition for loaning jewels became known. She is reputed to not have given .pensation to anyone for wearing her jewelry. Since the movie industry began we have been mesmerized by what the stars do. That is true today more than ever. The stories about their lives, the way they live, their clothes, even right down to the jewelry they wear will be captivating us for many more years to .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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