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Travel-and-Leisure Chris, a friend of mine, is a huge Huddersfield Town fan and often travels to watch Town play in away games. I am a dot-com entrepreneur specialising in travel and I was interested to learn about the difficulties Chris faces when his team play away. Chris lives in Halifax and drives to and from games in the local area on the same day. However when the game is a long way away, driving back the same day is often not possible. Bournemouth, where Huddersfield played on August 18th, is 260 miles from Huddersfield and is too far for a day trip! Instead it makes more sense to find accommodation near the football stadium, book a room and make a weekend of the trip. Using the main search engines to find accommodation, hotels , bed and breakfasts and guesthouses near football stadiums was not an easy task. There are lots of web sites offering thousands of hotels all over the country but none of them presented the information in a manner suitable for a football fan. Information and maps showing hotel and stadium locations relative to the city centre did not exist. Chris also wanted cheap hotel deals he was travelling with his mates not his girlfriend and so there was no need for flashy accommodation! This is where I, the dot-com entrepreneur stepped in! Looking at the problem, I realised that hundreds of thousands of football fans travel up and down the UK every week to watch their teams play. They type in keywords like football hotels, football hotel, hotels near football stadiums into Google but web sites do not offer the information the football fan needs to book hotels. I therefore mixed up Google maps technology with a new hotel price comparison system and created .MATCHhotels.. This new site shows football supporters exactly where hotels are relative to footballs stadium on a Google map. Users enter a match date to see prices from several leading hotel websites. Multiple prices are shown for each hotel so fans can find cheap deals and book hotels online. Hotels near football stadiums are now easy to find and book online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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