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As a top tier marketer, you want to funnel the power of email to boost success and reach your target market. That’s a no brainer. However, to do it, you need list integrity and effective campaigns. A great strategy for this is developing a healthy email list. Once you .prehend and implement the "way to clean," there’s no stopping you! Time passes, people change their email addresses and don’t tell you, emails bounce back, and non-responders pile up. If you’re not careful, ISPs may see this as abuse… and flag you a spammer. Definitely, a bad email list is horrible. If left unchecked, the fallout can reflect negatively on your brand and drain vital energy from your business. How can you ensure the integrity of one of your most important assets, your email marketing program? Here are a few tried and true tactics. Is Your List Clean or Messy? Neat lists are like treasure troves, they possess big opportunities for wealth and success. That’s why it’s so crucial to clean them on a regular basis. The cleaner they stay, the better they perform. Old names, unconfirmed addresses, and questionable sources will kill your email marketing program. Make sure you don’t make this mistake! If your list does get messy over time, you must recognize the symptoms. Here are a few obvious indicators: 1. Lame delivery rates If successful deliveries regularly fall below 85%, your list smacks of mucky muck. It’s probably time to open the hood and perform a tune up. 2. ISPs flag you. Low deliveries go hand in hand with higher bounce numbers-and eventually ISPs will detect and label this as unsavory behavior and flag you. These flags jeopardize your ability to attain and maintain whitelist status. 3. Caught in a spam trap. Of course you don’t intend to spam, but dirty lists actually are breeding grounds for spam traps. Without proper bounce management your old outdated lists may contain invalid addresses, which ISPs can covertly reassign as spam traps. Be wary of this-it could cost you. 4. You be.e a ‘marked domain. Sans Whitelist status, ISPs may simply shun your domain. Clearly, a dirty email list can harm your .pany, profit, productivity and public relations. The secret to being clean and staying clean involves a tidy .bo of prevention and plucking. Avoid Soiled Sources Prevent even the slightest soiling by carefully controlling address origins. The best source for new opt-ins is always your own customer list. To develop a sparkling clean list here, retrieve opt-ins from all customers and disclose how you intend to utilize their information through your privacy policy. Send "Wel.e" messages to solidify the opt-in process. This tactic also helps to make brand awareness, set expectations for future marketing .munication, and build trust with new subscribers; it is a necessary, foundational step in your email program. If you utilize paid acquisition tactics, be sure you are using permission based sources. Purge Regularly Getting rid of list losers is another key way to keeping fit. Over time, list quality and currency atrophy. If the stalemates stay, your bounce rates will likely increase and your key response metrics will deteriorate. Spam traps made of outdated names may hook onto your domain alerting ISPs. And trust us, negative attention from ISPs is very annoying. That’s why killing underperforming or nonperforming names is of such grave importance. Regularly referred to as "Proactive Deactivation," it could save your list’s vitality! Think of it as feng shui for your domain, restoring order, clearing cobwebs and making room for new energy. Once or twice monthly identify dead, under performing email addresses, bounces from undeliverable addresses and hard bounces indicating abuse/spam .plaints. Double Opt-ins As you build your list, consider using double opt-in permissions. With these great opt-ins filling up your database, delivery rates will fly. Single opt-ins may result in lower response and could prevent whitelist approval if your abuse .plaints are high. Doubling your opt-in permissions enables you to send cleaner and higher percentage deliveries, enjoy longer lifetime list cycles, earn greater respect from ISPs, avoid spam traps, abuse flags and bounce backs and easily earn and preserve whitelisting. Whitelisting A surefire way to foster your list’s success is to establish and maintain whitelist status. This is granted to domains by ISPs 10-30 days after an email campaign initiates. Whitelisting assures credibility with ISPs and helps you sneak past the worst spam blockers. If your list has the right stuff, double opt-ins, bounce rates below 10%, and low abuse or spam reportages, you’ve got it made. 相关的主题文章:

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