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Computers-and-Technology People nowadays opt for gadgets and technical accessories which are both powerful as well as small in size. Days are gone when people used to thrive on bulky computers and huge desktops. Now is the time for small sized laptops or netbooks which not only gives the user the computing power required to carry out daily routine jobs but also for people who use them in business standards and for conducting specialized computing tasks. HP Laptops have already made a name for themselves in the consumer market mainly due to its performance, durability and its trendy design. Recently launched HP Laptop CQ42 is one of the most advanced Intel core i5 based laptops to look into while purchasing laptops. HP Laptop CQ42 has been designed based on the 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor powered at 2.4 GHz. This powerful device is based on the 450M chipset and has a 14 inch vivid screen enhanced with High-Definition LED Bright view Display. The HP Laptop CQ42 has a 136 x 768 pixel resolution to make the user experience even better. Features like Intel HM57 Chipset 3 MB (Smart Cache) Cache, Intel HD Graphics, a Web Camera of 0.3 Megapixel, and a Battery Backup Up to 3 hours makes the HP Laptop CQ42 one of the most demanded laptops in industry today. The overall benchmark tests and graphic display is quite intriguing. HP Laptop CQ42 performs very well with 3D games though not excellent due to the absence of power packed graphics cards, but the overall experience was good enough for people who like to use their laptops either for complete business purposes or for light gaming and entertainment. It is recommended that heavy gamers might opt for additional graphics card powered by NVidia or ATI series which can be integrated with the assistance from HP customer service center. The HP Laptop CQ42 fares very well with Windows 7 Aero standards and thus can be used to have Windows 7 operating system installed in it. Various online dealers and shops are selling the HP Laptop CQ42 series with various purchase options. Even the Free Dos version is available on the various online stores which makes this product budget friendly for the cost concerned people when compared to the pre-installed Windows 7 version series. Overall it can be easily concluded that the HP Laptop CQ42 is an excellent option for new laptop buyers and for people looking for a similar laptop but with same computing power might opt for other brands. But considering the fact that the HP Laptop CQ42 has been featured with an Optical Drive Light Scribe Super Multi Drive with Double Layer Support and 320 GB Hard Drive with a whooping RPM 5400, it makes it hard to ignore. People who have already used the HP laptops of other series knows the value HP has to offer and can opt for it without any glitches in mind. The HP Laptop CQ42 is one of the best laptop products made by the company. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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