Affirmation Of The Champions – Factory Playoffs 2012-winpm

Games 14th February, 2012, Mumbai, India: Witnessed the final chapter in action for the Club Play Factory Playoffs 2012, with the team FTW grabbing the illustrious title. What an electrifying and thrilling league it was to watch out for! As all the game enthusiasts waited for the final countdown with baited breath, it sure was a standout performance that simply made it irresistible to miss out on. The final game saw a total turnover of events. Team ATE were the strong contenders for the coveted title due to their two points and a humongous lead of fifteen rounds against the second placed team, FTW. As for the dark horses of the tournament, A4D sat .fortably on the number three spot before this enchanting game kick-started. The final drama unfolded with Team5 leaving everybody spellbound with their astounding win as they grabbed five victories from their five remaining games, and took 3rd place. They managed to register a win even against the heavyweights ATE and left the audience asking for more. ATEs loss brought them down to the same platform as FTW which further resulted in the tie of points and added to the state of bewilderment which was extremely evident. As a result, round difference became the deciding factor for the first and second positions. FTW walked away with the heavy cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000/-on the finale, while ATE was left behind in the nick of time. As rightly quoted Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less me and more we holds true for the heroes FTW who not only managed to win the championship but also managed to win admiration from all. Due to its ever-increasing popularity and mounting craze for the game, Club Play Factory Playoffs, Indias first ever gaming centre wishes to thank all the people associated with this tournament who definitely contributed to transform this game to a different level altogether. Special mention to the people associated with the top three winning teams are as follows; Mikhail Mehra, Hasnain Sayed, Poojan Mehta, Ayush Deora, Jayesh Sugand for the victorious team of FTW. Ben Varghese, Akshay Sinkar, Kunal Bhatia, Pranay Bhatia, Ritesh Shah for the spirited team of ATE and Mohin Shaikh, Anuj Sharma, Divesh Shetty, Sathiyamoorthy Srinivas, Sachin Gaikwad for the third team of the tournament Team5. Also, a special vote of thanks to be given for the Founder Director Art and Artistes’ and Play Factory, Durga Jasraj who graced this breathtaking occasion with her presence and distributed the prizes for the winners of the Club PF League and quoted We couldnt have had a better celebration for .pleting one year of Play Factory; its been a grand affair. .pleting the league so professionally has been a great achievement in itself. Along with Durga Jasraj was Neeraj Jaitly (Director Play Factory) We started off the League with an IPL concept in our minds, and were very happy with the way the league was executed. Looking forward to the next league, were looking at more teams, fatter purses, and a future for professional teams and careers for the gamers. Following the .pletion of the league, Bhavya Parekh the Co-Founder of Play Factory was quoted saying, It is a dream .e true that the league happened the way we had planned it and it is also the anniversary of Play Factory where we .pleted 1 year and we are looking forward to get bigger and better with the next championship. We surely set a benchmark as Play Factory. About Play Factory: Play Factory (erstwhile NRG Gaming) has, over the last 7 years, emerged as the solitary, consolidated platform for all brands to showcase technology, products and promotions to Game Developers and Publishers, Hardware Manufacturers, International Leagues and Championships, Game and Hardware Reviewers, Professional and Casual Gamers, and also Brands & Media looking to engage with this exciting and fast growing .munity. For Further details contact: Shaguf Mohtisham, Orion PR-9820742668/022-42751414 About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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