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Automobiles Summer is drawing to a close and you are starting to think of the crisp, cool days of Autumn. Scheduling an air conditioning repair to make sure your AC system is working properly is always a good idea after its hard use during the final hot weeks of summer. To ensure that your cooling and heating systems are operating at optimum efficiency as you start that commute to and from work or school, you will want to consider whether your A/C needs an air conditioner repair. The AC system relies on several key components: compressor, condenser, an evaporator, pressurized refrigerant, values and hosesall controlled electronically. If you have started to notice any of the 4 problems listed below, you will want to schedule an air conditioning repair to make sure your car is ready for the changing season. 4 Signs that Your A/C System Needs an Air Conditioner Repair * It has hot air coming from the vents, even though the dial is set on cold! * It runs continually, but never really feels cold * It operates colder than the dial setting indicates, freezing you out * It makes strange noises A Diagnostic Air Conditioning Repair includes: * Visual inspection of all A/C components * Full system performance test * State of charge and system control tests * Leak test, using an approved-leak detector * Dye detection test (if a slow leak is difficult to detect) We recommend that if you require an air conditioner repair, have it taken care of quickly so that you can begin the season worry-free when it comes to your car. If you need an auto shop for vehicle maintenance, including an inspection of your A/C system, contact the ASE-Certified Technicians at Garys Quality Automotive shop by calling (308) 381-2295 or go to ..garysautoinc../ for more information on brake repair. Our auto shop proudly serves vehicle owners in Grand Island, Wood River and Doniphan, NE. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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