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Many hundreds of years ago there was a Mother who had Four children. She was alone and needed help. She prayed for help and asked an enlightened Sufi Master for advice. He came and pronounced the work for all of the Children. One he said to be.e his servant. The other to join the army. The other to be.e a shopkeeper and the last to help all the others. Over the years the boy who joined the army progressed, became heroic, won many battles and became a General under the King. The Boy who became a shopkeeper became very successful, bought many large shops and became very rich. He was supported by his brother who helped him manage the businesses and left him free to start many other businesses. Everyone in the family was so happy with the Sufi master that they gave him a place in the family, gave him many gifts and consulted him regularly. At last the boy who was the servant to the Sufi Master became Enlightened. He asked him how he knew which occupation to give to himself and his brothers. The Master said it was easy. He looked into their past lives and saw that the one who joined the army had a predisposition to a murderer. The one who became a businessman shopkeeper had a past life predisposition to being a thief. And the one who helped the Business brother had no soul, would only do what he was told and so for many lifetimes had been the other brothers Ac.plice in their murdering and thievery. He liked following orders. Any other occupation and they would all have been put in jail and executed. The Sufi Master said that the boy who was his servant had the best chance of Enlightenment because he was an older soul, had much experience in the occupations of the others in past lifetimes and because of that had seen deeply that these occupations always failed. Always there were people .peting for the same things. Ultimately the General was defeated and the Businessman became bankrupt. Ultimately, even if able to hold onto your gains, "You can’t take it with you", Death came along and took everything. Life after Life!!! For this reason the Servant of the MASTER was the only one who stood the chance of enlightenment. And even with that predisposition, with bad teaching he would never reach his goal. Unless humble and able to find a Master, normally he would be.e an unenlightened Priest and be.e One of the Blind, leading the Blind, another ac.plice of the murderers and the thieves. That is why he needed the help of the Sufi Master and that is why he had kept him close, within his Buddhafield and removed many of his blockages to enable him to be.e Enlightened. The Blind, the Businessman, the General and the Ac.plice This story .es from a Sufi Tale many thousands of years old when Manu created the caste system. It tells the truth about you and humanity. It tells the truth about the Law of Manu and the caste System of India and the Four Castes The Bhagavad Gita says this about the varnas: The works of Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras are different, in harmony with the three powers of their born nature. 1. The works of a good Brahmin are enlightenment; peace, self-harmony, austerity, and purity; loving-forgiveness and righteousness; vision and wisdom and faith. A bad Brahmin, the person interested in Enlightenment which in this world has .e to mean the Unenlightened Priest who are blind to the light of the soul and ac.plices to the totalitarian state. 2. These are the works of a good Kshatriya: protectors of the weak, a heroic mind, inner fire, constancy, resourcefulness, courage in battle, generosity and noble leadership. Kshatriya, the Warrior, charged with protecting the state. The King, the General, the Samurai. The bad Kshatriya, the General, is usually the Totalitarian Murderer and the torturer. 3. Trade, Business, agriculture and the rearing of cattle is the work of a good Vaishya. The bad Vaishya, the businessman is the thief who uses the general and the ac.plices to attain his monetary end through the control of armaments, petroleum, and pharmaceuticals. 4. And the work of the Shudra is service to all the above, the Laborer in this world. He likes following orders! The bad Shudra is the Ac.plice helping the thief and the murderer and the torturer – a person who has taken the Ring. My Master, Swami Satchidananda knew all of this. They asked him about the Rulers of the World. "You are a famous man, you have shaken the hands of all these leaders and Prime Ministers. Just what do you think of them?" First of all he said that it was very dangerous to speak of these people or even mention their names because although we are assured that James Bond does not exist, it is amazing the number of accidents and suicides in the world. For this reason he said he would tell a story. If you had an election for the leader of the council in a town and seventy-five percent of the people in this town were thieves, murderers and their ac.plices, just what sort of a person would they elect? But let us not miss the point; the meaning and significance of this history. The ancient stories point to a trauma disappointment formed splitness in the personalities of all humanity as being the cause of all evil on this planet for thousands of years. They also teach of Enlightenment; the Integrating techniques of Love, Meditation, Energy Enhancement and the underlying techniques of the Kundalini Kriyas, The Five Element Circulations of the Qi or Chi or Kundalini Energy, the Alchemical Meditational Formulas or Guided Meditations of Hermes Trismegistus as a means of this trauma formed splitness which is the cause of psychopaths, Universal DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). Meditation and the higher techniques of Meditation are the cure of that splitness. 相关的主题文章:

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