Asked about the reduction of land passengers, Cai Yingwen said the two sides want to think about thi wh60a

Asked about the reduction of land passengers, Cai Yingwen said the two sides want to think about this issue (Figure), the ruling hundred days of Cai Yingwen, to receive a television interview. Cai Yingwen was in office for one hundred days, she said in an interview with the television, said the host mentioned Lu reduction, travel agencies closed down, the Chinese mainland their attitude is very hard? Cai Yingwen said, the problem is to have the transformation, such as more free, during this period, freedom without reduction, there is an increase in. Lu tourists to Taiwan tour are very busy, drivers, tour guides, tourists are very hard, we can think about the mainland and structural problems". Moderator asked cross-strait exchanges completely cut off? Cai Yingwen hastened to say, or some of it, although the official two sessions interrupted, but there is still a small travel union between the two travel agencies. As for the government, China Cai engage in the New South, Taiwan will go? Cai Yingwen said, a lot of market rules or consideration, if the market rules are violated, the government encouraged not to, but in accordance with the laws of the market, Taiwan will still go, not because the government encourages them or stop them, we put forward the policy to let the market rule more smoothly, let us consider the Southeast Asian market". The male host questioned three missiles mistakenly shot, whether there is a mutiny or someone prank? Cai Yingwen said that the Army National in Taiwan has been implemented. The host said, she could not believe how a Sergeant can launch missiles, she was not questioned because someone to Spoof or mutiny? Cai Yingwen said, look at these events, it can be seen that there is a system of factors, these problems, if there is a kind of fate to say, perhaps can be interpreted as God give you warnings." Cai Yingwen stressed that "the" overall "national army" in Taiwan is implemented, the host asked whether this represents no spoof? Cai Yingwen said that the investigation report on time will come out to see how the report said. "Deputy Secretary General of the presidential palace" Long Yao people in the interview also said that Cai Yingwen in the "national defense" and the army of this very carefully, "President" and the military interaction is OK; the host asked whether or not the forces counterattack? Yao people said, should not, the army nationalization is doing well. When it comes to support, Cai Yingwen said, with 1 months after the election compared with a gap, elected is a climax, after taking office and was a climax, and return to normal functioning, begin to deal with the problem, and finally look forward to the election or the inauguration of high there will be differences in some degree, the polls will decline. (source: Taipei)相关的主题文章:

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