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Finance Everyone knows that earning a college degree increases your future earning potential by at least double over your working career. This fact hasn’t been lost on the .panies that market credit cards as evidenced by the number of credit card solicitations in.ing college students receive in the mail almost daily. It is essential that you know how to handle this form of new-found freedom and the effects it can have on your future. Most students get their first credit card either before they’ve entered their first day in college or during their freshman year. If used responsibly, a college student credit card can be as valuable a tool in setting up your financial future as that degree you’ll get at the end of your college years. Just as that degree can help you land that new dream job, your credit history can be almost as important, as more and more employers are looking at credit reports when investigating new hires. You need to know how you’re going to use the card and how you’re going to make that monthly payment. You must have a plan just like you do for your education, on how you’re going to use and pay for that monthly bill. When you chose which college to attend, you went through mounds of information for each school. The same caution should be used when picking your first college student credit card. .pare a number of credit card offers and their fine print, before you decide on which card is right for you The benefits offered for college student credit cards are basically the same as any other credit card which include 0% APR introductory periods. Most issues have numerous special rewards. It’s the fine print for each offer that is important. . A typical student credit card offer includes a higher interest rate because of an unproven credit history. Because most students are either unemployed or working a part-time job, college student credit cards have lower credit limits, often starting at $300. Some offers require a parent or guardian to co-sign. If you obtain a college student credit card, it’s important to at least make the minimum payment every month and know the grace period and avoid late fees. Stay out of debt as much as possible by using the card within set limits. It’s best to use the card mostly for school supplies and basic essentials. Avoid charging say, a $1300 stereo or using your card for spring break. That puts an unnecessary burden on your ability to pay the amount back and can lead to a road of credit disaster. Used frivolously, it could take you years after graduation to pay that debt back. By learning the basics of credit cards and how they work and using your college student credit card wisely, you will be taking a giant step into your financial future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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