Award Winning Dentist Joins San Jose Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental-Care Dr. Liza Karamardian has be.e the latest addition to the experienced Los Gatos Dental Group team. Los Gatos, California October 27, 2008 Los Gatos Dental Group team announces today the addition of a new dentist to the San Jose Cosmetic Dentistry office. Dr. Liza Karamardian brings over 15 years of experience in the dental field to the San Jose and Los Gatos dental office, starting late October, 2008. An addition to the team that San Jose residents can trust will provide the dedication that they deserve where the focus is on both the health and beauty of their teeth. Dr. Liza Karamardian has been practicing dentistry for over 15 years in the Bay Area. She graduated from UC Irvine with a BS in Biology in 1988. She then attended the UCLA School of dentistry, graduating in 1993. Dr. Karamardian practiced in the city of San Francisco for 12 years before moving to the South Bay. In San Jose she enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry and strongly believes in treating the whole patient with a strong emphasis on the relationship between oral health and .plete health. Dr. Karamardian is dynamically involved in her profession and but still continues to further her dental skills by attending many continuing education classes throughout the year. While in dental school, Dr. Karamardian won several awards from her instructors and the administration. As a highly recognized practicing dentist in San Francisco, she became involved with the San Francisco Dental Society and soon after was elected as its President in 2001. In this leadership role she worked side by side with the San Francisco Department of Public Health to begin the first city wide kindergarten dental screening program. The screening program was to emphasize the importance of dental hygiene and oral health from an early age. This program successfully screened over three thousand children in its first year and has continued to grow. As a result of Dr. Karamardians outstanding qualities as a dentist and her contribution to the profession of dentistry, she was nominated to join the prestigious International College of Dentists and the American College of Dentists in 2004. Dr. Karamardian is also a member of the Santa Clara Dental Society, the California Dental Association and the American Dental Association. Dr. Karamardian is married and lives in near San Jose with her husband and two children. When not working diligently at the San Jose Cosmetic Dentistry, she volunteers at her kids schools and various .munity events. She also enjoys keeping physically fit with yoga and aerobic classes at Courtside Club. Los Gatos Dental Group is a general and cosmetic dentistry team that serves the San Jose and Los Gatos area, that is a full service dental office with a extensive range of family and cosmetic procedures offered, including: porcelain veneers, invisalign, root canals, teeth whitening and dental implants. Los Gatos Dental team can fix almost any problem including and not limited to pain, infection, bleeding gums, loose teeth, cavities, broken teeth, stained teeth, gaps in between teeth and teeth grinding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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