Badaling zoo wild beast area reopened driving electric grids

Badaling zoo wild beast area reopened ZiJiaYou erection grid Legal Evening News (reporter Dong Zhenjie) Badaling zoo wild beast area transformation, set up on both sides of the road network, self driving tour reopened to tourists, but the tiger wounding the Siberian Tiger Park remains closed. In July 23rd this year, the Badaling wild zoo has the woman off by the tiger attacks in the beast area, causing casualties, the park closed closed. August 24th afternoon, the results of the survey released. The next day, the Badaling wild zoo to resume business, but the beast area suspended self driving tour, visitors can take the bus to the zoo beast area. The zoo said the transformation will restart after the completion of the beast beast area area self driving tour project. This morning, the law late (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter came to the Badaling wildlife park to see the amount of tourists increased significantly compared to August 25th to resume business. Park side said that today’s tourists about 5000 people, with the same period last year. Reporters saw a lot of cars lined up at the door, a lot of people get off the queue, the staff busy command guidance. Today is the Mid Autumn Festival, after the completion of relatives, at home there is nothing, so come out and turn around." Visitors Ms. Zhang said, she came from Chaoyang District, the family has not been to Badaling zoo, taking advantage of the holiday tour, "I heard a tiger attack tourists after being shut up, do not know can not see." Reporters noted that today has been able to tourists from driving into the beast area, indicating that there has been completed the transformation. The reporter drove into the beast area, found the Bengal Tiger Park, White Tiger Garden and bear garden has set up a grid, the entrance has been throughout the grid frame in the beast area, for the vehicles on both sides of the road. The White Tiger Park installed a new power grid, the animal and the tour bus from photo reporter Yang Yi         Northeast Tiger Park remains closed as well as roadside sign reads: "power, driving Caution!" warning language. In each animal park are set to have the door, tourist vehicles must listen to the garden party arrangement to enter. "The beast area in half a month before the completion of the installation of power grid." Badaling wild zoo staff Mr. Cao said, the park in order to prevent the beast attack, not only for tourists repeatedly reminded, adding dozens of pieces of slogans prompt card, but also the roadway pavement on both sides of the road network, after the transformation is complete, a week before the opening of the beast area driving. Late (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter noted that the occurrence of tiger wounding the Siberian Tiger Park is still hanging "forbidden to visit, closed" sign, the other beasts can self driving tour. There are tourists who want to see the Siberian tiger, you can watch at a fixed animal show, there are two tigers, but are locked in the cage. When the opening of the Northeast Tiger Park, Cao said, is still in contact with the family, to deal with related issues, such as the end of the area will be fully open, the current time is not yet determined 8相关的主题文章:

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