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Beijing TV Week theater broadcast Zheng Xiaolong Hou Hongliang will force the PK medical drama "chief talk" Le Jia: "Zheng Xiaolong, from desire to Zhen & #23323;" film Tencent entertainment news (text Fang Fang) yesterday afternoon, Beijing satellite TV in 2017 key resource promotion held in beijing. In addition to the business community, the advertising circle of guests, more Zheng Xiaolong, Zhang Jiayi, and so on, a number of well-known director, actor appeared on the scene, such as. Reporter observed, in next year’s drama list collection of "2", "Nirvana in Fire surgical situation" (starring Jin Dong, Bai Baihe), "emergency department doctor" (starring Zhang Jiayi, Wang Luodan), "the night canteen" (starring Huang Lei, Hai Qing), "the kite" (starring Liu Yunlong) and many other not broadcast the first heat, high-profile opera. Zheng Xiaolong Hou Hongliang will not deny Zhang Jiayi PK medical drama old driver is a good driver, "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "Red Sorghum", "Mi month biography" and other high ratings of domestic TV drama Godfather director Zheng Xiaolong, 2017 will bring medical drama "emergency physicians" landing Beijing satellite tv. When asked whether it was the first time to the modern medical theme, Zheng Xiaolong said: "2011 took" never give up ", but also stresses the emergency room when the story, big impact, received many awards, this is not new for me." Zheng Xiaolong also said that at present, "emergency department doctor" all the actors have been identified, Zhang Jiayi, Wang Luodan and Jiang Shan will be participating. Zheng Xiaolong and Zhang Jiayi in the early years there is the intention of cooperation, but a few times pass, the "emergency department doctor" is the two person dream. In the face of the advertisers, Zheng Xiaolong sincerely issued an invitation, if you are willing to put in the emergency department doctor soft advertising, we are open and tolerant mood, welcome you to." It is worth mentioning that, next year by the Hou Hongliang team production, Jin Dong, starring in the "surgical storm" will also be broadcast in Beijing TV broadcast on TV in the world of. Zheng Xiaolong and Hou Hongliang are the same and build a gilded signboard, theme, is bound to set off a white screen cyclone. In the TV series the recommended links, Zheng Xiaolong, Zhang Jiayi, Wang Yaoqing, Yang Zi and other famous directors and actors at the scene to cheer for the Beijing TV station, because of work reasons failed to attend the Jin Dong, Tian Jing also sent a blessing by VCR, key repertoire available 2017 will broadcast in Beijing tv. Actor Zhang Jiayi in 2017 two TV series will debut in Beijing TV, he recommended he starred in the Beijing Opera "Beijing in Beijing" and the TV series "the theme of modern medical emergency department doctor". The endorsement of a number of car brands, so Zhang Jiayi stage was the host Cao Yang ridicule as "old driver, host brook further quipped," not "old driver", but "good driver", in this regard, humorous Zhang Jiayi responded that their "driving technology". He also took the opportunity to disclose, in the Beijing people in Beijing, a lot of local brands implanted in Beijing. Zhang Jiayi said, thanks to Beijing satellite TV such a good platform, I hope my work can not live up to the purchase of television, do not live up to the favor of advertisers, hoping to create more, better, greater price.相关的主题文章:

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