Beijing – VIDEO – Guangdong, a scenic gourd gourd tied to fat woman creative styling cited onlookers doat

Beijing – VIDEO – Guangdong scenic area will be a gourd tied into "fat woman" creative crowd Guangdong scenic area will be tied into the gourd "fat woman" all kinds of creative style attracted tourists crowd [comment] Xu Hongfei sculpture "fat woman", Mo Yan in the book "buxom" pumpkin zombies in the pipe, the adorable like turtles, swan and so on, recently, in Guangdong Sen Paula springs farm gourd planting base, various other funny and fun gourd, attracted tourists eager to take pictures. In September 18th, the reporter saw in the gourd farm planting base, there are a lot of Zucchini wrapped rope roll tied up, shapes of the gourd swaying in the wind, adorable state’s agricultural farm manager even fly the shuttle in the "forest", to enjoy their own creative works. The same period [] agricultural farm manager even fly it started not so other, it is a whole straight down, we screened after the selection of a long neck, then stomach thick enough, when it is mature to half we started the first phase of the knot, and then after the second step it here Ping, we’re going to play this knot, swan wing shape, then use the rope, the rope material is very important, it can not be flexible, not too flexible, so we choose the packaging to make rope knot, the first knot, because the melon grow continuously we will not stop, to loosen the rope, and then after the other until it can basically finalized, the melon until now, since we first up to now can be formed It takes more than a month. [comment] agricultural Lian Fei told reporters that urimoto gourd is a nutrient rich fruits and vegetables, because of its unique meaning, the farm staff by various technician will change to be skillful in various shapes, fruit mature enough or vine death, will cut a piece of bamboo skin to dry, making into products, interested visitors can personally to the gourd base, under the guidance of DIY’s own love of gourd shape in the staff, until the gourd mature, come pick. The same period [] agricultural farm manager even flies the whole gourd. If the base is in accordance with the standard terms is five thousand or six thousand kg per mu, we estimate about seven thousand pounds per mu, then we are picking out to eat have several thousand pounds, and the rest of the things we’re leaving the other, about there are one thousand or two thousand in this way, other species may have to do some. (reporter Vedev Guangdong reports)相关的主题文章:

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