Beijing – VIDEO – storm raid Zhengzhou pedestrian wind rush day becomes night

Beijing – VIDEO – storm raid Zhengzhou pedestrian wind rush day becomes night called [background] August 25th Zhengzhou meteorological observatory issued a yellow rainstorm warning, in the next 6 hours rainfall will reach more than 50 mm, local wind up 7-8. 12 at noon, Zhengzhou over the clouds suddenly to a dangerous situation, running pedestrians or rain or by car squatting to leeward shelter, residents said it was as black as night 6, 7 o’clock, is very rare. [in the same period] (Mr. Wong) wow, the sky looked gray and heavy, 12 points of the weather looked like at, 7 o’clock look. [comment] 25 noon, Zhengzhou city had a clear sky suddenly overcast, followed by big winds and torrential rain, the rain is wind blowing volume, set off bursts of fog in the cement floor, like the wave waves hit his hands clutching the fragile pedestrians, people walk against the wind rain umbrella, but still drenched, all distress cries and flustered footsteps are scatters as one falls, another rises. Huayuan Road agricultural road, an office building before the full shelter of the crowd, to Mr. Huang, watching the storm shook his head straight sigh, today’s lunch is wasted. The same period [] (public Wong) wind whir, I look at the fountain are blown askew, wow, it seems at noon today this meal is gone before, you can also make a umbrella against the rain to eat a meal, today the weather umbrella I see is of no use. [comment] sudden bad weather brings a lot of inconvenience to the public, an electric car ride catering express little brother was trapped in the overpass, just cover the lunch box, a raincoat. He told reporters, before sending 5 meals, with 3 copies, since the customer ordered a meal, even if the 3 must also be sent to slow down, guests can understand. The same period [] (courier Liu Xiansheng) go a little slower, respect for their customers, because the customer ordering. (there will be customers have been calling you) no, customers are more understanding, the customer said the weather is not too good, then they also agree with us a little later in the past. Reporter Lv Wenyan Zhengzhou reported Henan Kan force相关的主题文章:

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