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Beijing – VIDEO – Day University of independent research and development of multidisciplinary linkage to achieve the dream day University of independent research and development of multidisciplinary linkage to realize the dream of [comment] September 29th upgrade upgrade car racing, "the power" of Tianjin University student racing team of independent research and development of new formula "Hao Yue No. 8" at the Tianjin University Beiyang Park Campus debut. The blue and white painting, streamline appearance, dynamic self-developed engine intake system, the industry’s leading 3D printing technology, this car by the students independent design and development of new technology and innovation, the car will be the perfect fusion of speed and passion. The power team drove the car on October held in Hubei, Xiangyang dream "China racing formula sae". In the overall design, Hao Yue 8 to follow the safety and reliability of the first, high performance and lightweight design concept, design and manufacturing cycle of more than 10 months. The new car to streamline the style of the past to do the aerodynamic optimization of the shape of the body, the body side curve highlights the sense of movement. Maximum speed of up to 110km h, accelerate the start of 75 meters, with only 4.2 seconds. Vehicle weight of 220 kg, through the optimization of the structure of the parts, while increasing the strength of the total weight than "Hao Yue No. 7" to reduce the number of 6%. At the same time, the new frame design compared to the "Hao Yue No. 7" before the main ring ring and 40 mm forward, give the driver to provide a more comfortable driving space and driving posture. [] Tianjin University "Beiyang Period power" team captain Yan Feng Hao Yue 8, this year we learned some disadvantages of No. 7, inherits some advantages. This is a chassis, is more complex, this year we adopted the most ideal, close to the ideal state of the layout, is more unique, I think it should be a bright spot of the more than and 70 teams. [comment] it is understood that "the power" racing team has been established for 8 years, the team from the original small scale development team become 100 racing team, R & D team is covering mechanical engineering, precision instruments, industrial design, internal combustion engine and a dozen professional disciplines, students here sweat, clear responsibility in order to pull together, not only in the professional field, also can exercise in cooperation etc.. [] Tianjin University Beiyang Period power team instructor Bi Fengrong we have a slogan, the power is the embodiment of wisdom, all in the dynamic work team can play, we offer you the ability and cleverness, such a platform, you can realize your dream. [interpretation] at present, the team has been assigned to the Tianjin University public space, in the future the team will be independently developed models of commercial development, is committed to creating the country’s advanced formula racing research base. Reporter Cai Zhijian Tianjin reports相关的主题文章:

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