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Health Washing your hands is not only a good way to stay clean; it is also one of the best preventions against a variety of infections and sicknesses. Simple and fast, effective hand washing takes only a few minutes yet guards your body against diverse illnesses prevalent at your workplace, your school, your home, or out in the .munity. This important habit should be practiced before preparing food, before eating, after coughing or sneezing, after blowing your nose, after using the bathroom, or after .ing into contact with anything that exposes you to harmful bacteria. After washing your hands, it is also important to dry them effectively. Whether in an office .plex, a restaurant, a daycare facility, or some other business, automatic hand dryers provide an excellent method for drying hands. Below, find four of the qualities of automatic hand dryers that make them beneficial for public use. Environmentally friendly: Electric hand dryers make an eco-friendly option because they save trees, reduce landfill waste, and conserve natural resources. At the most basic level, these fast hand dryers eliminate the need for paper towels, substances which usually cannot be recycled. Plus, it is not only the use of paper towels that is detrimental to the environment; the production of these disposals is even more dangerous, producing 4.6 tons of carbon dioxide .pared to the 1.6 tons an automatic hand dryer will make in its entire lifetime. By using an electric hand dryer, .panies can minimize unnecessary waste and preserve resources. Cost-effective: By using automatic dryers, businesses not only help the environment but also their bottom line. In fact, in its Pollution Prevention Study, the U.S. Postal Department called hand dryers the most effective alternative in terms of both waste and cost reductions. Cutting the costs of continually replenishing paper towels adds up to significant savings over time. Hygienic: Whether in a healthcare center or a food-based business, automatic dryers provide one of the most safe, sanitary methods for effective hand drying. Plus, as an added bonus with hand dryers, there are no paper towels littering the bathroom floor. By using forceful hot air to dry hands, these dryers eliminate the need for disposal products. Time-Efficient: Electric dryers eliminate the need for the time-consuming tasks involved with paper towels use, from ordering and managing inventory to regularly stocking dispensers and disposing of trash. Plus, after being installed, automatic hand dryers require little maintenance and upkeep. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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