Brother Hl-5250dn – Network .patable Version Of Hl-5240-sorpack

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The Brother HL-5240 is a power house printer designed for constant use in a demanding office environment, but lacks built in networking ability. With the Brother HL-5250DN, now you can have it all, as this model .es stocked with a built in Ethernet network interface, as well as a small handful of additional features, making the Brother HL-5250DN the ultimate in affordable printers built to suit a small to medium sized office’s demands. For a little extra coin, the Ethernet network interface allows the HL-5250DN to plug in to an entire offices network of .puters and can be activated directly from any available .puters desktop. With this type of connectivity, you better believe the unit .es equipped with powerful hardware designed with speed in mind. It .es equipped with 32 MBs of standard memory (a slight upgrade over the HL-5240s 16 MBs) but, like the HL-5240, can upgraded with an additional 512 MBs bringing the total to an unprecedented 544 MBs via the single, 144 pin DIMM slot. Additional on board memory is especially important when running on multiple .puters in an office network, making the expandability a key feature for heavy and diverse workloads. Even if your office is operating at high volume, you will not be delayed for long thanks to the Brother HL-5250DNs 30 page per minute output capacity and, if your co workers are slacking off with their share of paper refills, consider the available option of not one but two additional paper trays, each with a 250 sheet capacity to match or double the stock 250 sheet tray. .bined with the versatile 50 sheet multi purpose tray, you have the option of bringing your total input capacity to an astounding 800 sheets so, even with delinquent colleagues; time spent re filling paper trays will be at a minimum. Along with the Ethernet capability, the most notable of the amped up features when .pared to the HL-5240 is the automatic duplex printing feature. Automatic duplex means that you and your partners can print two sided documents right from your desk without being burdened with old fashioned manual page flipping, thanks to an innovative internal mechanism. With adjustable print resolution of up 1200 X 1200 dots per inch, your two sided documents will .e out looking crisp and professional. Just because this model is designed for speed and high output, doesnt mean it doesnt .e with a few versatile features for a variety of needs. Mainly, the ability to print seamlessly on a small multitude of media types will .e in handy. Letters, envelopes, and other diverse forms of media can be loaded automatically in the front loading 50 sheet auxiliary tray. The Brother HL-5240 is a reliable machine that .es at an incredible price for the productivity, and its only drawbacks are that the sturdiness and power came at the cost of those extra touches that Brother has added to the HL-5250DN. If youve got to have .work capacity, with an affordable printer that can handle the high demands of a medium sized .work, the Brother HL-5250DN may be the better option for your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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