Canon EOS M5 design sketch exposure handle wider built-in EVF viewfinder p8400

Canon EOS M5 design sketch exposure handle more lenient built-in EVF EOS 5D Mark IV after Canon viewfinder, there is a worthwhile new Canon camera seems to meet us. Recently, a group of suspected new Canon EOS M5 anti camera photo exposure to the Internet, can clearly see that the new camera adds EVF built-in electronic viewfinder. The new camera is undoubtedly in the use of control and professionalism will be a step closer, it is worth looking forward to. EOS  on the Internet; M5 sketch from the exposure photos, a new generation of EOS M5 in shape will remind us of a small number of G5X, camera body design and the current EOS M3 very much like. Is to join the EVF electronic viewfinder set. From the top view, mode dial to the left shoulder, then by increasing the impeller design, manual operation of the handle will be increased. Online EOS  M5 sketch editor commentary: this Canon EOS M5 photos or one of the new machine has a lot of new look. M EOS of Canon – system has been more is in favor of entry enthusiasts for the mode of operation, the operation is relatively simple, but for professional users or fancier is not directly manipulated and quickly, a new generation of camera clearly focuses on optimizing the control part, and increase the EVF viewfinder can solve back reflective screen problem in light environment, and eye level viewfinder is also more comfortable. Looking forward to the release of this new camera.相关的主题文章:

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