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Wine-Spirits Champagne is a luxury sparkling wine which originates from the Champagne region in France. It is only allowed to be called Champagne if it was produced within this region using the highly controlled traditional method of producing the bubbles within the wine. Champagne now .es in many forms from dry to sec meaning sweet and even rose or pink champagne and is usually associated with celebration and giving champagne gifts. Many of those who have purchase champagne will recognise the type of bottle it is usually sold in. This is known as the standard bottle size and holds 750 ml of champagne with a concaved based. This is the type of bottle you are likely to see if you were to purchase one in a supermarket or wine store. However, there are actually many different sizes of champagne bottle available each with their own special name. The most popular size is obviously the standard, however some may have noticed a larger bottle, which holds the equivalent to two bottles of champagne in it. This bottle is called a Magnum and holds 1.478 litres. It can be found in selected stores or can often be purchased from the manufacturer. Larger than this, there is the Jeroboam, which holds the equivalent of 4 standard sized bottles of champagne – approximately 2.956 litres. Going up in scale there is the Rehoboam equivalent to 6 bottles, the Methuselah equivalent to 8 bottles, the Samlmanazar equivalent to 12 bottles and the Balthazar equivalent to 16 standard bottles of champagne. The very difficult to pronounce Nebuchadnezzar bottle contains 14 litres of champagne and is equivalent to 20 standard bottles, the Melchior is the name given to the bottle holding the equivalent of 24 bottles and the Sovereign holds an amazing 23 litres of champagne, equivalent to around 34 bottles. The largest recognised champagne bottle is known as the Melchizedek, which holds the equivalent to 40 standard bottles of champagne and is worth around 4,000. However, understandably severe caution must be taken when opening a bottle of this size due to the excessive amount of pressure built up within the bottle. As these larger bottles are usually filled with champagne fermented within standard or magnum sized bottles, manufacturers also state that filling a bottle this size may be detrimental to its taste. These bottles, although impressive, may be slightly eccentric and are usually a collectors item. There are however many smaller bottles which are more affordable and suitable for both parties and gifts. Nowadays, a trend for personalised champagne has also been made apparent as an extra special way to celebrate an event or occasion. About the Author: To the uninitiated, you might be under the impression that a Whisky Live event would only be graced by the likes of Don Draper, or that it would have whiskies which you can only have either neat or on the rocks. To the seasoned participants, youd know that Whisky Live ne … 相关的主题文章:

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