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Arts-and-Entertainment If you are in the market for deactivated weapons there are a couple of factors which you need to take into consideration since you will be buying a special item which has to meet some requirements in order to be legal and safe. The safest way (legally speaking) to purchase a firearm is to get one which has already been deactivated to UK standards or to the standards applied in the country where you will be buying the weapon. In other words, the gun has been submitted to one of the proof houses and has also been stamped and/or certified. We should mention that this is an optional process which you are not obliged to do, but you have to take into consideration the fact that authorities must be entirely positive the weapon has been indeed deactivated so that they will label the firearm accordingly. If you plan on purchasing a weapon outside of United Kingdom, it is advisable to get one which has been certified by the official body of that country. However, this is a bit delicate because even if it has been labeled as deactivated by a governing body of another country, when brought in UK it still has to meet the 1988 Firearms Act and at the same time it must lack any sort of functional .ponents. In addition, the item mustnt be readily convertible to a firearm. Besides that, you should not have the possibility to replace or remove any of the weapons parts by using simple household tools. This requirement is mostly referred to the barrel which has to be fixed into the receiver. In other words it has to be welded, not push fitted or just pinned. After meeting all these requirements, you should be safe buying such a weapon but many re.mend not going into all this trouble and instead simply buy one that has already been classified as deactivated by the governing body. A simple way to do this is to take a look at some of the websites on the Internet which offer deactivated weapons, where there are .prehensive lists of weapons which you can safely purchase knowing that everything is in order as far as the legal requirements are concerned. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a post-World War II submachine gun such Sterling SMG or you could select one of the interesting pistols on sale like the Walther P1 or the PKK. If you like big and heavy weaponry, you might be interested in a Russian RPD or an AK-47 M-72. For the really large items, there is nothing more impressive than an RPG rocket launcher. There are, of course, simpler and more affordable items, such as a traditional bolt action 12 gauge shotgun, a British WW1 P14 or an American WW2 Springfield. Make sure you investigate the item you are interested in purchasing and find out its current state and if it .es with the proper documentation which states the firearm has been deactivated according to the current applicable laws. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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