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Advertising Hugo Boss has been started as a small workshop in Metzingen Germany in 1923. The .pany has started out with industrial worker suits, uniforms and raincoats. Boss died in 1948 and his grandsons Owe and Jochen Holy took over and geared towards the path of mens wear. The .pany has released its first suit design for men in the year of 1953. In 1960 the .petition was stiff in the German market thats why the brothers decided to create mens suits in colorful hues which made from durable, quality fabrics. Hugo Boss is one of the best in other .panies who introducing trendier suits made of light Italian Fabric, in contrast to the traditional German suits which were made of rigid and heavy ones. In 1984 the .pany has made another outstanding turn after launching the fragrance with affordable casual wear like sweaters and sports jackets. After One year the .pany has renamed itself Hugo Boss AG. In the Year of 1987 the .pany was grossing $500 million per annum and in 1989 the big part of the .pany was sold to the Japanese Leyton Group. The Holy Brothers remained active in the management process. Marzotto became a major shareholder and hired Peter Littman as the new CEO. Two more labels were added namely Hugo for young and professional executives. Within a year the .pany has been expanded to the Southeast Asian region when the profit has increased up to 74%. In 1998 Littman was succeeded by chief designed manager Werner Baldessarini. At this time the Hugo Boss .pany has started to design and launch lifestyle accessories of womens wear. From many years the Hugo boss .pany introduced more labels, including casual Boss Golf and Boss Sport Lines. In present the .pany remains a subsidiary of Marzotto S.P.A under Valentino Fashion Group. It is one of the top fashion lines with Germany being its leading consumer and the U.S as the second. The group has more than 350 franchise shops in over 90 countries around the world. Boss Aqua Elements 相关的主题文章:

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