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Travel-and-Leisure Bridging the gap between Europe and Asia, this eclectic and exciting city has much to offer the discerning traveller. From ancient sites to lavish mosques, from bustling bazaars to some of the countrys best hotels, Istanbul has it all. Old meets new while east meets west and, refreshingly, the city works in .plete harmony to ac.modate all its cultural influences. Wander though the streets of this wonderfully exotic city and get lost in the lively atmosphere, marvel at the exquisite Islamic architecture, experience the heady spice markets and begin to absorb the warmth and friendliness of this amazing capital. If luxury is high on your holiday agenda choose to stay in one of the best hotels Istanbul has to offer. These are usually located conveniently close to all the attractions and make a relaxing and luxurious place to return to after a long day sightseeing. Exploring the City The city simply bursts with a feast for all the senses. The colourful bazaars, soaring minarets, Byzantine churches and lavish fountains are legacies left by the ancient civilisations of the city that lived here at different times in the past and called the place their home. The heritage of the city is well protected and is evident everywhere, from the exhibitions in the museums to the open mosques and palaces. The Turks are rightly proud of their past and embrace every aspect while bringing their city head on into the modern age. Renowned to be one of the most stunning examples of Islamic architecture, the Sultanahmet Mosque, also known as The Blue Mosque, is a must see on a visit to the city. This 17th century mosque, built by Sultan Ahmet I, was the last to be built in the classic Ottoman style. The vivid blue tiles making up the interior give the mosque its name, while the six lavish minarets are a blatant display of the wealthy and powerful status of the man who .missioned it. The gardens of the mosque are peaceful and beautiful and a visit to the mosque gives a real insight into the history of this fascinating city. Istanbul is famed for its hundreds of cisterns that were testament to the engineering prowess of the Byzantines and their emperor Justinian I. Two Medusa heads mark the base of each column of the Basilica cistern, which today remains empty. Originally, it was built to store 100,000 tons of water for the use of the inhabitants of the city. Food lovers can head to the large spice bazar located at the southern end of the Galata Bridge. One of the oldest covered spice markets in the world the exotic allure of this place is simply captivating. From herbal remedies for the mind and soul to a massive range of dried fruits, nuts and vegetables it is easy to pass a whole afternoon exploring all there is to see here. For those who love to shop, there is ample opportunity. Some of the best hotels Istanbul has to offer house some wonderful carpet and antique bazaars that will keep you bargaining for hours. But if you want to head to a local market, the 4000 shops at Kapali Caris are for you. Pottery, brassware, carpets and intricately decorated lamps make this market a great place to make a few one-off purchases. Choose to stay in one of the best hotels Istanbul offers and make your stay in the city a special and memorable experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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