Do not dirty, clean fuel system maintenance to enlarge the recruit dxperience

Don’t waste, to clean fuel system fuel system maintenance to enlarge trick like human blood vessels, undertakes the mission of oil and gas, exhaust gas transport, fuel system work is normal or not, whether the engine can directly affect the normal operation, while the car fuel consumption also plays a decisive role. The fuel oil system causes the formation of carbon itself contains impurities, easily oxidized to form carbon deposition, and traffic congestion, vehicles are often low and idle state, will aggravate the accumulated carbon and sediment and intensified. When the vehicle is used for a period of time, including fuel injection nozzle, piston, intake valve, combustion chamber, etc., will have different degrees of carbon accumulation, the impact of intake, fuel injection volume, including the atomization performance, etc..     fuel system not cleaning first, carbon deposition can clog the nozzle needle valve, the valve hole, affect the performance of fuel injection system of precision parts, resulting in poor fuel injection, atomization, dynamic performance degradation. Secondly, carbon deposition will cause the intake valve closed lax, cylinder pressure drop or even backfire, resulting in engine idle instability, increased fuel consumption and exhaust emissions deteriorate. In the top of the piston and cylinder head and other parts of the carbon deposition, easy to make the local overheating of the combustion chamber, gasoline preheating caused by engine knock and other faults. These faults will shorten the engine life.     fuel system maintenance method the regular carbon removal of the fuel system is necessary. The general cycle is performed at 10 thousand km. Recommend the use of liquid gold (the fuel system cleaning protective agent), it is a special formula, by solvent and surfactant mixture, can quickly clean the tank, remove the carbon nozzle and combustion chamber of the oil, gasoline flow can place cleaning, can solve the vehicle power insufficient, and prolonging the service life of the engine.     liquid gold advantage 1 convenient: liquid gold easy to use, pour into the fuel tank to complete the cleaning of the fuel system. But the traditional method is to remove the engine after washing auxiliary tool for cleaning, time-consuming, high cost, and manufacturing of the modern engine is extremely precise, easy to remove damaged parts, impact performance. 2 good car: the use of liquid gold can quickly remove the engine fuel injector, intake valve and piston combustion chamber of colloid and carbon deposition, guarantee fuel atomization, the fuel can be fully burned, improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions; rapid elimination of rapid instability, weak acceleration, fuel and so on common problems restore the power performance of vehicles; lubricating fuel system components, prevent rust and corrosion.     1 gas before the whole bottle of this product into the fuel tank, and then fill gasoline (40-70 L); 2 vehicle traveling ten thousand kilometers per use of this product a bottle; 3 for the first time using continuous adding two bottles.相关的主题文章:

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