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Alternative At some point in their life, a majority of people will experience some sort of back pain, ranging from an acute injury to chronic consistent pain. Finding a back chiropractor is the first step to take on your healing journey, but there are also some strategies that can be done at home to help the rehabilitation process. While working to improve the health of your back, keep these three main exercise categories in mind: stretching, strengthening, and aerobic. These exercises can easily be done in the comfort of your home. > Stretching — Regular stretching will help keep at bay the stiffness that is often a result of back pain. Stiffness limits your bodys range of motion and overall mobility, making everyday activities more challenging and less comfortable. Stretching exercises will increase the bodys elasticity and flexibility, with a special focus on the spine. > Strengthening — Strengthening exercises are the next step to a rehabilitated back. Strengthening various muscles throughout the body including the gluteal, abdominal, and obliques, is important in order to help maintain proper posture, rotate the spine, and stand upright. > Aerobic — Finally, some sort of low-impact aerobic activity should be included in your rehab routine. Water therapy is a great option, as the water provides minor resistance. Walking is also an optionat least 20-30 minutes at a sustained pace. A back chiropractor will be happy to provide you with a more detailed explanation of stretches and exercises to help manage acute and chronic low back pain. They are great ways to help rehabilitate at home–they require little space, and can be modified to fit your backs needs. For more advice from a licensed and professional back chiropractor, call McKim Chiropractic today or http://www.mckimchiropractic.com to schedule a consultation. Our trained and certified staff is committed to helping the residents of Boise, ID, Nampa, ID, and Caldwell, ID, improve the quality of their life! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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