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For allergy, Baba Mama need more food to treasure these Sohu baby eat? Easy to allergies oh this is what ah? More and more treasure is allergic to the door to come, you Jiabao this allergy, I kind of allergic to Jiabao…… I have a communication, say more are tears. Xiao Nan first talk, why this year’s treasure, so easy to allergies: treasure of gastrointestinal immaturity. Immune function is not perfect. More and more allergens in the environment. Baba mama is allergic to too sensitive, sensitive control too much, the treasure of food adaptability is poor. Intestinal flora is not established, the function is not perfect. Major environmental factors. Xiao Nan had been diagnosed in general, so much treasure, treasure is easy to cause allergic reactions to food, the attention control, Baba Mama: milk, egg, beans, fish, shellfish, peanuts, wheat, tropical fruits such as mango, etc.. It’s not a allergy attack attack, fortunately, treasure on the sad day, this is also the most anxiety: Baba Mama: acute allergic manifestations of acute urticaria, acute throat edema, asthma, severe treasure will shock. Skin allergy: most common in infancy reaction, eczema, urticaria, rash etc.. Respiratory allergy: treasure will have repeated asthma, cough and throat inflammation, asthma, etc.. Digestive tract allergy: mainly for recurrent diarrhea, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, bleeding and other symptoms. Next, a small South to you and Baba Ma Ma, how to deal with all kinds of treasure allergy. Here, talk about the treasure of acute allergy, that is to say those who come to shock, acute urticaria, acute throat edema, asthma, etc.. First of all, to cut off allergens. Then, let the baby to wear loose clothes sleeves and the collar buttons to loosen belt. Try to let the treasure lying down, not too much. If the treasure throat edema, asthma and other symptoms, as far as possible to let him keep the side or semi supine position and head back, so that you can let the respiratory tract. Of course, if a severe allergic reaction or to hit 120. The so-called know ourselves baizhanbudai, for allergies, Baba Mama need to know more. "We are not allergic, Po will be allergic?" This may not necessarily Oh, yes, allergic diseases have obvious genetic predisposition, does not mean that the future will be allergic to treasure. Ma first during pregnancy to exclude factors leading to allergies, treasure after birth, and the right way of feeding can rarely avoid treasure allergies, let him not to repeat the mistakes of adults. Since the Po, ma have cleanliness, feel the environment more clean, more healthy treasure. Well, love clean is a good thing, can not be equal to the degree of cleanliness of the environment can be proportional to the health of treasure, why? Too clean environment, in fact, to reduce the contact of micro-organisms on the treasure, the body can not resist the ability to exercise, and ultimately susceptible to allergic diseases. There are fine lines of Baba Mama "is not allergic, feel well, all right, grow up the immune system.相关的主题文章:

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