For the first time to buy a car young people in Beijing launched a modern sports car Wyatt – China N sorpack

For the first time Car Buying young people of Beijing modern sports car launched acceptable – Beijing, Beijing, October 10, recently, Beijing Hyundai launched a new generation of small cars under the Verna brand acceptable, and Rena together, shoulder Verna brand glory, continued to attack the Chinese small car market. Pleasing is a specially designed for young consumers to create Chinese made new vitality of the fine car, if you are 25-29 years old, confident self, attention trend, intelligent technology, full of vitality and enthusiasm, facing the first Car Buying young people. In 80, 90 young people of fashion, personality pursuit, modern Beijing accepted in 2 based fluid sculpture design language, the use of "Keen-edged" edge design concept, with Modern Elegance (modern elegance) interior design concept, to create a stylish, vibrant atmosphere. In appearance, pleasing the stereo hexagonal grille, bumpers, both modern and classic silhouette sharp lines, outline the tough dynamic visual effect. In addition, with the same competing products in the widest 1728mm body width, and 2600mm long wheelbase. Inside, the dashboard and the appearance of three-dimensional interaction; the console to the driver’s deflection, the driver focused cockpit layout; door armrest stressed rhythm, and instrument independent image design in the control panel. The interior is pleasing to the atmosphere for young consumers. According to the preferences of young people, pleasing to consumers as many as 10 kinds of body color and appearance of the 4 interior colors and two tone seats, enhance the sense of quality at the same time. Wyatt H-Band smart bracelet is equipped with the unique nano key, so that users can wear bracelet, and there is no need to carry smart keys, ready to complete the opening and closing of the door, the engine start and stop, and open the function of intelligent trunk. In addition, H-Band Bracelet smart keys can also monitor the user’s physical condition, so that the car life more healthy and convenient. In addition, in the process of moving large objects into the trunk in the combination of H-Band and smart Bracelet intelligent key trunk opening function, wearing a H-Band Bracelet intelligent key came to the rear of the car, pleasing to the trunk will automatically sense and open the box cover, does not require any special operation, intelligent, simple and practical use effect. In the growing popularity of smart Internet now accepted in the same level of competing products in the first equipped with apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife intelligent mobile phone Internet system, Internet users can make IOS and Android in the car and the car can realize mobile phone. In the actual experience, the mobile phone smart Internet system can easily realize video, audio, navigation and other multimedia features, can also call Siri call, information reading function, not only makes the driving experience rich and colorful, at the same time, but also to avoid the hidden danger caused by the bow view mobile phone. In the active security configuration, not only equipped with the same level of the unique rear wheel.相关的主题文章:

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