Foreign bags favored five thousand yuan to buy a bag in the end worth the child

Foreign schoolbags favored five thousand yuan to buy a bag for children in the end is not worth the value of foreign bags favored by $five thousand to buy a baby bag in the end worth? 5000 yuan to buy a Japanese bag worth?" The day before, ready to travel to Japan’s public Huang told reporters that his company’s parents asked her colleagues purchasing Japanese bag, the price of your make her speechless. Near the school, the reporter visited the mall in the city found that many parents take their children to buy school equipment, most of which are new parents. Four hundred or five hundred yuan a bag meet the eye everywhere parents said, the basic configuration of about one thousand yuan, if high standard can be broken million. Foreign brand bags popular Miss Huang recently annual leave to prepare to go to Japan to play, before leaving the company colleague suddenly quietly asked her whether she was in Japan Shopping bag. "What’s good about Japanese schoolbag? I wonder, the Internet search, said to be a bag to the 150 kinds of materials, handmade, can be used for at least 6 years. Also equipped with automatic positioning system to protect children’s safety. An earthquake or shipwreck, but also let the child as a protection bag and by buoyancy. Is there such a big bag?" Miss Huang is not to say yes or no. Yesterday, the reporter found in some shopping malls in the city, in front of some school supplies counters, indeed much more than usual, many parents and children. And do not say is not to buy Japanese bag, just look at the parents in the mall to choose the grade of the bag will know, many parents stare at the foreign brands on the bag. As in a bag counter purchasing center, one is German brand bag, the price of 798 yuan, is characteristic of spinal bag, ergonomic, University of certification, the German patent, tasteless harmless, EU standards. One is to buy a bag of the parents told reporters that the 6 year old children are in a critical period of development of the spine, she would rather spend more money to buy a big brand bag, because the bag is every day back to school, not bought every day. "Look at this material, this structure is better than the general bag, less to go out to eat two meals to save money back." The parents told reporters, in fact before the bag of one hundred dollars has been quite good, now the bag, almost filled with brightly coloured patterns, is made of canvas, nylon and cotton etc.. Careful observation will find that these bags are very thin, zipper and the interface is generally relatively rough, no more than three hundred or four hundred dollars, can not afford to buy." Electronic products selling point reading machine, tutor, electronic dictionary and so on, in the mall counters, a few hundred, thousands of yuan of electronic products to attract a lot of new parents eye. In the shopping center five floor, children to buy books parents Mr. Chen was a tutor on the counter machine attracted to can’t help together with the children to study. This machine is very intelligent, it can be updated at any time according to the classroom teaching, and the classroom can be synchronized, can also according to their level of freedom to choose various grades of learning, have the foundation, improve and cultivate various levels of excellence." Mr. Chen told reporters about interest, within the system of the school, children are generally rote, also let the teacher regardless of amount of classes相关的主题文章:

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