Foreign media attention Uber ghost car incident behind or there is a huge Conspiracy (video)

Behind the foreign media attention Uber ghost car events or there is a huge conspiracy Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, although the western traditional festival "Halloween" has not yet come, but the day before there have been a lot of Uber users reflect their encounter in the car called terrorist attacks. Generally speaking, these users in conjunction with the usual mobile phone with applause Uber, but these ghost Uber vehicle not to pick up his will start charging, and travel will soon end, and will deduct the fare. What is more frightening is that these drivers are very strange face, eyes and lips are black, which also makes many users feel alarmed Uber. It should be said that the incident occurred at the time perhaps some strange, because last month by travel has just announced a strategic agreement with Uber global travel, drops will acquire excellent step China brand, business and data in all of the assets, China operation. Some industry experts believe that, in view of the "ghost driver events of the past month in more than Chinese city has happened, we think it is possible for the two companies in the merger process there may be a loophole in the organized attack". Uber said that he had noticed the incident occurred, and will use technical means to protect, while adding all the involved driver’s account into the blacklist. The name is Nathy Chen Uber users said that their recent discovery in Uber when the car orders the driver’s head is dire, when he has not walked out of the office on the show travel has begun, and in 30 seconds after the automatic end of the trip, at the same time deducted 9 yuan fare. Another Uber user from China’s Shandong province Veaer Wang said he had called a Uber in the evening, according to the map shows the location of the driver is very close to their own, so she stood on the roadside waiting. Although the map shows that the driver drove from his side, but VeaerWang said there was no vehicle on the road. "It’s a very narrow road, and I can’t seem to notice a car going through it." Wang Veaer said. Of course, Uber then a full refund of these fares. The company said that it is a new type of fraud, forgery and personal information through the owners head to receive orders, but not really go to the location of the user, if users encounter this kind of situation should immediately cancel orders and direct complaints. On the way to distinguish is actually very simple, as long as the main picture you can see, if not like the ordinary image of the strange immediately cancel the order. In fact, this is not the first time that Uber has experienced an organized attack. As early as before the trip announced the acquisition of the acquisition, that is, the two companies are to provide a large number of travel subsidies for users of the era, a similar vulnerability attack has been more common. However, the recent "ghost driver" event with all previous similar technical fraud are different. "It seems to be an organized, technical group of people, and they are obviously purposeful. Moreover, this event is taking place in the Uber trip to buy China’s business transition, that many.相关的主题文章:

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