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Furen pharmaceutical letter Phi violation is warning the rear foot to suspend the acquisition of the assets of hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money the each reporter Zhang Jing intern reporter Li Qirui Furen Pharmaceutical (600781, SH) once again by the regulatory authorities warning letter phi violation. In September 28th, Furen pharmaceutical announced that the company received a warning letter issued by the Henan Bureau of the company in November last year, sold its 100% stake in the company, but in April this year to disclose a warning. The company also announced the same day, due to the company involved in the verification of major events, it will apply for the suspension of the company to raise funds for the acquisition of six months of Kaifeng Pharmaceutical (Group) co.. Reporters noted that this is not the first time for Furen pharmaceutical letter Phi violation by the regulatory authorities in July last year, the warning is suspected of concealing related transactions and other issues to be ordered to make corrections. The medicine group is the largest shareholder of Furen Furen Pharmaceutical Group Company, the transaction price of 7 billion 809 million yuan, constitutes a backdoor. For the suspension after the reorganization plan, Furen pharmaceutical secretaries Zhang Haijie told the "daily economic news" reporter, "at present in the verification of some of the things, through the Audit Commission departments will continue to purchase." Income from sale of assets not disclosed in a timely manner according to Furen pharmaceutical announcement, the company received by letter Phi violation warning letter issued by the Henan bureau. Furen pharmaceutical in October 31st last year with China Luoyang material limited company (hereinafter referred to as China Luoyang) signed an agreement, agreed Shanghai Shunfeng Logistics Co Ltd held by Furen Pharmaceutical (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai SF) 100% equity transfer to China Luoyang, the transaction price of 8 million 380 thousand and 600 yuan. The transaction has been completed in November 27, 2015 to complete the registration of the transfer of the registration procedures. The sale of assets to SF transportation are not included in the scope of Furen pharmaceutical company 2015 annual consolidated financial statements, thus increasing the net profit of 8 million 921 thousand yuan, the company reached 2014 audited net profit of 56%. However, the delay of the transaction Furen pharmaceutical announcement, the company until April 9th this year before the disclosure of the above matters. According to the "thirtieth" measures for the administration of information disclosure of listed companies, there are important events that may have a greater impact on the listed companies in Securities and derivatives trading price, the investor is not yet known, the listed company shall immediately disclose, explain the effect of the cause of the incident, the current status and possible. Henan securities regulatory bureau said, because Furen pharmaceutical in violation of the above provisions, the implementation of the warning letter issued by the administrative supervision measures, and credited to the credit archives of securities and futures. Zhang Haijie explained, "in the transfer of Shanghai SF, we do not have a specific price. The agreement was signed to assess the price, but the results of the assessment was made in March this year, that is, when the contract can not determine its impact on the company." Zhang Haijie further said that Shanghai is the transfer of the relevant formalities of SF相关的主题文章:

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