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Fuzhou is a mental illness insurance won the praise of experts: pay attention to protect the privacy of the original title: Fuzhou psychiatric patients buy liability insurance won the praise of experts: pay attention to the protection of privacy in Fuzhou for psychiatric patients to buy liability insurance for points like expert advice: the protection of privacy, avoid the patient encounter discrimination southeast network October 31st news (reporter Feng Chuanye) the day before. Fuzhou city comprehensive management office in the province to create a serious mental disorders Guardian liability insurance. Through the way of government funded insurance, the result of injury to the people with severe mental disorders, reduce losses through the form of insurance claims. It is understood that the purpose of the introduction of this initiative is to effectively solve the problem of patients with severe mental disorders cases of victims can not be compensated. This initiative can be effective, what are the views of users and experts, the reporter visited. Innovative approach users point like reporters learned that, for all time, patients with mental illness and personal injury, damage to property events have occurred, and the parties often encounter complaints difficult, difficult claims. May 2014, psychiatric patients in a supermarket near Fuzhou Moumou knife killed 3 people. Due to the implementation of violence in the state of schizophrenia in the case of schizophrenia, the legal procedures for the identification of the criminal responsibility of the mentally ill. However, the court has decided to impose medical treatment on the grounds that it is likely to continue to harm society. The occurrence of similar cases, always let a lot of people palpitations. As for the introduction of severe mental illness in Fuzhou Guardian liability insurance, many users have points praise. Netizen "bugs" said: "in the psychiatric patients, others can only zirendaomei. If the insurance can pay, there are some compensation." Netizen landscape love, said that on this basis, the relevant departments to better manage mental illness, but also to give more care to this group. The field had abandoned similar policies according to reports, the prevalence rate of mental disorders over 17.44%, the upward trend. Because of the fear of social prejudice, some patients were hiding their families, get timely treatment, become social conditions. It is reported that the creation of severe mental illness patients in Fuzhou Guardian liability insurance for the province’s first. At present, the domestic funded by the government to buy psychiatric patients liability insurance is also a few cities. Reporters learned that last year the city of Qingdao city has water for the region’s troublemaking mental patients purchase liability insurance. The relevant staff, although this insurance paid for by the government, but the welfare policies in the implementation was to do identification — many psychiatric patients with family is not willing for the patient. Some families believe that if the identification of their children is a mental illness, may affect the future of school, marriage, work, etc.. Expert: pay attention to the protection of privacy Fuzhou University professor Gan Mantang believes that the implementation of the government to invest in the purchase of mental illness liability insurance is the state’s welfare policy for the disabled. This initiative can be a serious mental disorders in patients with damage caused by the consequences of damage, through the form of insurance claims to reduce losses. "The real effect is mainly on the implementation process." Full Gan said the Philippines相关的主题文章:

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