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Gang posing as airline customer service to get money to take the money to hire villagers ATM – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Liu Yang) posing as the airport, the airline staff by telephone, require customers to pay the fee for the designated account, but the customer in accordance with the instructions, the money will be transferred to the bank card all the other account. Yesterday, the Chaoyang Court exposed a special case posing as the airport, airline customer service personnel fraud cases, where the defendant who opened the cause of fraud was sentenced to 1 years. By "booking airport security" to deceive thousands of victims Mr. Wang said, in March 28, 2014, he wanted to give his girlfriend a reservation airport security procedures, from Baidu on the Daqing airport customer service phone 4008607119. Call the past, No. 9003 customer service said, to pay 15 yuan booking fee. Mr. Wang according to the instructions of the other party in the phone, his name Everbright Bank card money 13 thousand yuan through the ATM machine, all transferred to the bank card designated by the other party. The other told him, so you can pay through the green channel, the balance will be transferred back to Mr. Wang’s card. But when the money was turned over, the other party hung up the phone. Another victim, Mr. Zhang said, he booked a ticket from Beijing to Shanghai in the same journey network, the fare was 580 yuan. Since then, he received a number of messages sent to 0085264504508, said the flight was canceled, can contact 4008590799 for change or refund. Mr. Zhang dialed the phone, and claimed to be auspicious airlines customer service number 0018 to change each other, let him to an account transfer 20 yuan. On the same day, Mr. Zhang with his wife’s bank card according to the instructions of the operation of remittance, did not expect the remitted 4068 yuan. But the other side told him that this is wrong, and let him remit 5000 yuan, activate money to return. Since then, Mr. Zhang according to the instructions of several times remittances, totaling 6.2 yuan. In fact, Mr. Wang and Mr. Zhang suffered from fraud, who left their telephone numbers through the Internet and text messages, attracting people to take the bait. Wang (handled separately, have been sentenced) confession, from September 2013 onwards, he collaborated with Weng (handled separately, have been sentenced) and others in Haikou, Sanya, to all mobile phone users for fraud, as long as there are people who call in, they will play different roles such as customer service, the other to a flicker of account transfer in this case, the defendant He Kaicheng is responsible for withdrawals pumped into. What he said on 2013, met a fellow named A Fei, and promised to help each other withdrawals, the two sides agreed to take 10 thousand yuan to receive commissions 500 yuan. At first he didn’t know what he got, but later he knew it was fraud. Chaoyang Court held that the defendant how a behavior constituted fraud, but in the process of joint crime, he instigated by others into system implementation withdrawals behavior should be recognized as an accessory. What made after the incident the victim restitution positive Mr. Wang et al economic losses, the court shall be taken into account in sentencing. Ultimately, the court where as guilty of fraud, sentenced.

团伙冒充航空公司客服骗钱 雇佣老乡ATM取赃款-搜狐新闻  新京报讯 (记者刘洋)冒充机场、航空公司客服人员,通过电话要求客户支付手续费等到指定账户,但客户在按照指令操作时,银行卡内的钱款便会全部转入对方账户。昨日,朝阳法院曝光一起专门冒充机场、航空公司客服人员的诈骗案,其中,被告人何开成因诈骗罪被判处有期徒刑1年。   借“预约机场安检”骗万元   受害人王先生称,2014年3月28日,他要给女朋友办理预约机场安检的手续,就从百度上查到了大庆机场的客服电话4008607119。拨打过去后,9003号客服称,要支付15元预约手续费。   王先生根据电话中对方的指示,将他名下光大银行卡内的钱款1.3万元通过ATM机,全部转入了对方指定的银行卡里。对方告诉他,这样可以通过绿色通道支付费用,余款会转回到王先生的卡里。   但钱全转过去后,对方就挂断了电话。   另一名受害人张先生称,他在同程旅游网订了一张北京到上海的机票,票价580元。此后,他收到号码0085264504508发来的短信,称航班取消,可联系4008590799办理改签或退票。   张先生拨打电话后,与自称是吉祥航空客服0018号联系改签,对方让他向一个账号汇款20元。当天,张先生用妻子名下的银行卡根据对方指示操作汇款,没想到一下汇了4068元。但对方告诉他这是误汇,并让他再汇5000元,激活后钱款才能返回。此后,张先生根据对方指示多次汇款,共计6.2万余元。   团伙分工 被告人取款抽成   事实上,王先生和张先生的遭遇都是骗子所为,他们通过网络和短信留下自己的电话号码,吸引人上钩。   王某(另案处理,已判刑)供述,从2013年9月起,他便伙同翁某(另案处理,已判刑)等人在海口、三亚,对各地的手机用户进行诈骗,只要有人打电话进来,他们就会扮演客服等不同角色,忽悠对方往一个账户转账,而本案的被告人何开成则专门负责取款抽成。   何开成说,他2013年认识了一个叫阿飞的同乡,并答应帮对方取款,双方约定取1万元收取好处费500元。刚开始他不知道取的什么钱,后来才知道是诈骗得来的。   朝阳法院认为,被告人何开成的行为已构成诈骗罪,但在共同犯罪过程中,何开成系受他人指使实施取款行为,应认定为从犯。对于何开成在案发后积极退赔被害人王先生等人的经济损失,法院在量刑时予以考虑。   最终,法院判决何开成犯诈骗罪,判处有期徒刑一年,处罚金人民币2000元。   提醒   机票退改签需查官方电话   法官介绍,本案中这两名受害人都是在未经核实的情况下,给陌生号码打电话,结果被骗。法官提醒市民,为了方便老年人、孕妇及残障人士,不少机场推出预约安检服务,而退改签也可以通过致电航空公司解决,但在办理这些业务时,一定要从正规网站搜索官方电话。相关的主题文章:

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