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Gansu and The Belt and Road along the country to carry out scientific and technological cooperation in the field of multi – Beijing News Agency in Lanzhou on 14 October, (reporter South Zhuoma) science and Technology Department of Gansu Province 14 reporters on the disclosure, to carry out scientific and technological cooperation in the fields of Gansu and Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries along the Belt and Road Initiative "made new breakthroughs, promote Gansu with these countries in science and technology, to achieve mutual benefit, friendship" construction by Silk Road Economic Belt. According to reports, the Gansu provincial science and Technology Department of international cooperation since the beginning of this year, Gansu has with Belarus, Macedonia, Poland, Israel and other "The Belt and Road along the country to carry out technology transfer cooperation in aerospace engineering materials, animal disease prevention and control and other fields, the introduction of key equipment application. Located in the west of Gansu China "years of drought and the fragile ecological environment, strong dry farming and desertification control technology, so to Kenya and other African countries to enter the dry farming technology, in cooperation with Mongolia in the land, vegetation, sandstorms and desertification prevention and monitoring, to teach technology. "In the past, we have been followed by others, for a long time only the introduction of technology, and now with the strength of China’s scientific research is gradually strong, our technology is also out of the." Gansu Provincial Department of science and technology and international cooperation department director Ouyang Chunguang said that in recent years, with the implementation of the "The Belt and Road construction, continue along the national" science "to Gansu, the two sides to implement a series of friendly cooperation in science and technology. As of now, Gansu Province on behalf of the state and Malaysia cooperation established "China – Malaysia National Laboratory for halal food", cooperated with Pakistan and established the "China Pakistan ecological agriculture and biomass energy technology research and development laboratory". Gansu was also The Belt and Road along the country to provide technical assistance service, training a total of from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka and other technical personnel and management staff more than and 400 people, training content including solar and wind energy, biomass and other renewable energy utilization, desertification prevention, water resources management etc.. In addition, Gansu has also implemented a number of foreign aid projects, including the development of halal food and detection, rainfed agriculture, oasis ecological protection project, grant funds totaling 41 million yuan. (end)相关的主题文章:

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