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Babies-Toddler Any parent should know that good quality baby sleep is essential for a child’s future health and development. When a parent see their baby sleep, they feel great pleasure but when the baby is crying because she can’t sleep is torture. It is so important to get your baby into a regular, fuss-free, sleep routine to help you solve your baby’s sleep problem. You should seriously considering establishing some sort of bedtime routine for you baby if you haven’t done so yet. Once you have established a sleep pattern, your baby will be happier, more content and probably sleep right through the night. There are many things you can do to establish a bedtime routine for your baby. Below are just a few: Most of us have some kind of winding down routine before we go to sleep and this should be no different for your baby. Perhaps the sleep routine could begin with a bath, followed by a slow dimming of the lights (so they realise it is getting near to sleep time), then a change of nappy or diaper, putting them in the crib or cot and finishing with a bedtime story or lullaby. If you don’t want to follow the routine mentioned above to the letter, then you don’t have to. Remember that you can change the order the routine I mentioned or you could change the whole routine entirely. You might want to include a baby massage before putting your baby to bed or put on some soothing music. The important thing to remember though is that you have to create the bedtime routine and then follow it night after night to the letter until it a habit for your child. Whenever you begin this routine, your baby will know that sleep is expected to follow. Babies and infants are creatures of habit, they enjoy the predictability of a sleep ritual and so a regular routine like this can help settle your baby more quickly and also increase the chances of him or her sleeping through the night. Providing a routine and the same sleep environment each time is crucial to providing the ideal scenario for restful baby sleep. It is ideal to start your baby’s bedtime routine in her early weeks of life, but if your baby is already older you can still establish a bedtime routine as soon as possible. If your baby is still having a baby sleep problem after you have created a bedtime routine, you have to look if you can imporove on that bedtime routine. It might just be a routine that your baby doesn’t like or something in the routine she doesn’t like. It might also be that you are not consistent enough with the bedtime routine and you should have a look at being more consistent. You should also create a daily naptime routine too when it is feasible to do so as this helps night time sleep very much. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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