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Going to school late is the best gift for children! Sohu – maternal children poor months of birth, in fact, the difference is very big, especially children, if you can realize the huge difference between the infant and the half year old baby’s words, it is not hard to understand 5 and a half years old and 6 year old children, although as the children grow up, the difference will be gradually half a year old but the stupid question decreases, 5 and a half years old, he does not understand, at the age of 6 for him, there may have been a pediatrician. So, if the school is not mandatory, parents can let the child in the evening a year, basically you can stay in kindergarten a year, that is to say, more than one year, more than a year to enjoy the happy time equivalent to the light of heart from care, give the child a gift of life. A few days ago to see an article, also referred to the athletes, a little older, even for a few months, the attention of the coach from a young age is not the same. In this paper, with the Canadian hockey player as an example, if you look at their birthday, nine out of ten are one or two born in january. Birthday in the big month, was popular. Although each person in different development, but generally speaking, a few months older people, than you small months are more mature, more favored by the coach, and there was more psychological hint: I am the best, I have the confidence to do. The coach encouraged such children, children get more attention, after the child has success probability. The boy’s mental development is relatively slow, but the child is still a big change in a year’s time. For example, 5 and a half year old child, he was not "girlfriend", he even thought that girls love girls especially kiss is a very shameful thing, but a year later, he not only accepted his love girl full of joy, but actually also very active in every time to eat ice cream after a small selection the girls home in front of the road, said hope to have the opportunity to meet girls. 5 and a half years old when Tong Yi to join the football team, then he shyly viewed three times to participate in the training, a year later, he not only with the other children to play in the European Cup for the German national team is more familiar. Now he not only know a lot of football knowledge, but also successfully promoted the children’s football team, became the two week training, the official team of football players once a week. 5 and a half years old, if the child dropped into the first grade, with his shy personality, others do not dare to say, he should have a "silent observation" of the day is for sure. But now he is 6 and a half years old, including the last entrance test, so confident, so calm, so calmly and the teacher dialogue, clearly answer questions, express their ideas. I think, if 5 years old, he must be nervous enough to cry, groan and moan or refused to enter the classroom. A child’s sister Terri, was born on December in winter, her mother was a primary school teacher, she saw many children to spend a long time to adapt to primary school life, some children two months after it is difficult to adapt on the back of the kindergarten, she said let life a year later because the primary school enrollment, once started, will to go over, if you really read the first grade two or two of the second grade, good for children相关的主题文章:

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