Grandpa and Grandma forgot to take the keys to the roof of a child in Sichuan hanging under the keys bree daniels

Grandpa and Grandma forgot to take the key Sichuan children under the roof hanging out key fall dead Beijing Sichuan Online – Dazhou news (reporter Xu Rongli) at noon on September 19th, an accident occurred in Xuanhan County town of cypress, a 11 year old boy from the 5 floor roof of the unfortunate fall dead. The police investigation, the boy’s grandparents because the keys locked in the home in, with a rope to the boy from the 5 floor to the 4 floor roof hanging house keys in the process, the rope off lead to tragedy. This afternoon, the reporter from the cypress town of Xuanhan county government was informed that happened at noon today, because the child’s grandparents will lock in the home, will school lunch is Chen (a pseudonym) called home keys. At 13 PM, grandma and grandpa with a rope tied to the grandson, from the 5 floor to the 4 floor roof to CNR hanging home keys, not expected, the rope broke from the air, Chen immediately fell to the ground and died on the spot. "When we went there, he saw his grandfather holding a child crying." Cypress town vice mayor Lang Yan told reporters, subsequently, cypress town government staff immediately reported to the police. A reporter from the Xuanhan County police station was informed that after the incident, the police station immediately to the scene investigation and evidence collection, investigation, preliminary determination of its grandparents in CNR by a rope from 5 floor rooftop to the 4 floor of the home hanging keys in the rope off lead to tragedy, Grandpa and grandma to the little boy’s death without any objection, belonging to the accident. According to local residents, Mr. Zhang told reporters that the 11 year old Chen in Grade 5 at Cypress town center school, parents have divorced, in turn, because domestic economy is not good, sensible vision, a time for grandma and grandpa to grow vegetables, do some farm work, often use the weekend to sell some dishes in the street, support their families. "I think this child is a pity, but also so sensible." Lift the flying Henghuo, Mr. Zhang Chen tragedy expressed regret. It is understood that the little boy’s parents are returning home from the field. The town government officials are dealing with the aftermath of the child.相关的主题文章:

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