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Guangyunda acquired three new board company was asked the subject of the company less than half the valuation jumped China securities network (reporter Liu Xianghong) in September 30th to guangyunda proposed acquisition of three new board to review the form, Jin Dongtang, Shenzhen to guangyunda sent a letter of inquiry, inquiries about the valuation of the company within half a year marked differences obviously, and require the company to be perfect. In September 13th, guangyunda disclosed the issue of shares and payment of cash to buy assets and raise matching report (Draft), intends to price $221 million acquisition of the US gold 100% stake, while Sun Hui issued shares to specific investors not more than 132 million 300 thousand yuan to raise matching funds to buy assets and raise matching funds issue price of shares are 21.28 yuan shares. Jin Dongtang is a new board listed company, the main business for the test fixture and automatic test equipment and other automation equipment R & D, production, sales and service, has entered into a global leading consumer electronics company A in the supply chain, and enterprise, and Foxconn’s Suzhou letter electronics, d.f.g. computer (Changshu) and other large the consumer electronics manufacturers to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations. Notice of Shenzhen, April 2015 and May, Tang Dingzeng and Jindong, through the share transfer system agreement for the transfer of shares for the price of 10 yuan per share, the overall valuation of about 86 million yuan. This time, the transaction price of 221 million yuan, is 2.57 times the previous transaction price. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange require the company to explain the reasons of large differences in price fairness in a relatively short time and pricing. Decline in operating performance is also the focus of attention. From January to May this year, Kim Dong Tang achieved operating income of 29 million 742 thousand yuan, net profit of 2 million 772 thousand and 900 yuan, net profit margin was 9.32%, net interest rate fell sharply in 2015 compared with 17.44%, require the company to explain why exchange from January to May net interest rates fell sharply this year. From June 2016 to December, US gold forecast 2017 and 2018 revenues were 77 million 39 thousand and 900 yuan, 141 million 292 thousand and 600 yuan, 174 million 751 thousand and 900 yuan, while the gold in 2014 2015, US revenues were 54 million 955 thousand yuan, 65 million 340 thousand and 700 yuan. Exchange requires companies to specify the basis for higher operating income forecast. Jin Fu new material acquired in 2014 Kunshan maizhi the main business for the test fixture of R & D, production and sales, with the US gold industry companies, the main products and applications is the same, there are also individual coincidence of the top five customers during the reporting period. Kunshan Mai 2015 net profit is only 39.6% of the forecast, the apology announcement that the market environment has changed greatly. The Shenzhen stock exchange requires companies to further downstream customer market demand competition, Jindong Tang is currently in the industry, and combined with the competitive advantage that can realize the promise of profit. Light rhyme reached in 2011 acquired a 100% stake in Kunshan Ming Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., in 2012 acquired and increased capital of Suzhou light rhyme Tatsu Technology Co., Ltd., the shareholding ratio increased from 75% to 100%相关的主题文章:

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