Guiyang North train station a black car car Tibet machetes threatened passengers in Beijing

Guiyang North train station a "black car" car Tibet machetes threatened Beijing passenger car in Washington – Tibet machetes, see transport check vehicles, passengers also threatened not to speak, so that the "black car" arrogant! In October 12th, the Guiyang Municipal Transportation Bureau Inspection Brigade combined four Guiyang City Public Security Bureau view Lake branch to carry out combat illegal trading operations in GuiYang North Railway Station. During the operation, law enforcement officers in the train station parking lot exit found an expensive E vehicle license exists the illegal operation of suspects, so will the stop check. At first, in the face of law enforcement officers asked, the 5 passengers on the car are prevarication. This abnormal situation has aroused the attention of law enforcement officers. Police officers immediately after the car was checked. "Two knives, one in the trunk, one under the driver’s seat." After inspection, law enforcement officers found 2 knives in the car, including a length of nearly 1 meters. Since then, the car driver was transferred to the police station for further investigation. See the driver was taken away, the car finally opened the door to cooperate with the investigation. It turned out that a few people ready to go to Guanling, Xingyi, Xingren and other places, the driver charged them 80 to $150 per month, their behavior has been suspected of illegal operations. They did not dare to speak before, all because of the threat of the driver, they are afraid of retaliation so afraid to speak. In this regard, the transport authorities once again remind the passengers, for the safety of life and property, do not take the illegal operation of vehicles. (reporter Ou Lunan, Li Qiang)相关的主题文章:

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