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Hong Xiuzhu’s visit to the mainland "journey of peace" Cai authorities silent original title: Hong Xiuzhu’s visit to the authorities, "journey of peace" Cai this silent [Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Yin Yan Global Times special correspondent Zhou China] KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu arrived in Nanjing on the evening of 30, opened her trip to the mainland. Taiwan’s "United Daily News" 30, commented that the Kuomintang completely in the wilderness for the first time the forum debut, in the background of cross-strait relations frozen after the DPP came to power, Hong Xiuzhu’s trip to Taiwan out of the new Bureau, the resumption of dialogue interaction, on both sides, to Taiwan, the Kuomintang, is the test. "Chinese times" 30 listed Hong Xiuzhu to the mainland by arrangement in October 31st will go to Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum in Nanjing to pay tribute to Sun Zhongshan, the afternoon went to Beijing; in November 1st 3 pm and the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping met with the late chairman Yu Zhengsheng of the CPPCC meeting and dinner; November 2nd morning with Taiwan, Taiwan students forum, attended the afternoon "group discussion on the peaceful development of cross-strait forum"; November 3rd morning visit hall in Taiwan, the end of the afternoon trip back to Taiwan. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, 30 pm Hong Xiuzhu led a delegation to take flight to Nanjing. In Taoyuan airport, supporters holding a "I love column sister, a journey of peace" and other brands, shouting slogans; "a dozen people gathered TSU youth" is a protest in the airport. Two people once confrontation, pushing the conflict. Hong Xiuzhu and his party on the evening of 30 or so arrived at 8:45 in Nanjing Zijin Mountain Zijin Mountain hall. Hong Xiuzhu met with the Jiangsu provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang said that cross-strait exchanges must be carried out, this one is for cross-strait peace, mutual trust and hope, "no matter how much we encounter difficulties, we will break through this". KMT policies CEO Cai Zhengyuan said at a press conference on the morning of 30 2005, Chinese Lien Chan visited the mainland, at that time, Chen Shuibian at least do "superficial", on the phone with Lien Chan, blessing a smooth trip. But as of 30, Taiwan’s presidential palace or Cai Yingwen did not say anything. To pass the Kuomintang people worry Hong Xiuzhu may refer to "one in the same table," Cai Zhengyuan responded that the meeting will comply with the whole program, the Kuomintang history served as chairman and Party interaction land up, there will be out of order. "United Evening News" 30 quoted sources as saying that Hong Xiuzhu will take the "Xi Hong" the opportunity to introduce the "peace politics", and hope for the future of cross-strait military confidence building in the direction towards a consensus. Hong Xiuzhu said that if the two sides of the future to establish a peace agreement, is to explore the possibility of the establishment of a peace agreement between the two sides of the future after the ruling of the KMT, at this stage will not enter into any agreement. The source also said, for some people, the Kuomintang wanted Hong Xiuzhu to speak out "92 consensus, one of the table, equivalent to the requirements of the other side who speak of" People’s Republic of China long live in Taiwan". The 30 released poll showed that 45% of the people of Taiwan to support the KMT in the "constitution" basis, in order to peaceful development and people’s livelihood, to continue to communicate with China, more than half of the people of Taiwan; to support the constitution "star相关的主题文章:

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