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Beauty Wanting a baby skin is the dream of everyone. But due to pollution, dust and sun rays our skin be.e dull day by day. Due to worst environmental balance we all are suffering it in the form of pimple, rashes, dullness and many more skin problems. At our Roshan Hospital, we have the best skin care treatment for you all. Types of epidermis problem: – There are .monly following types of epidermis problems below like aging, acne, darkening, redness etc. Aging: – Epidermis aging is the natural aging phenomenon, nobody can halt this process. It causes from free radicals breakage cells which leads to premature wrinkles. There are various reasons behind epidermis aging for example sun rays, dust and pollution. Acne: – It is epidermis disease that involves the oil glands at the base of hair follicles. It is the .mon skin problems in both male and female. In this our body surface be.e oily faster and be.e cause of pimples. We at Roshan Hospital provide you best skin care treatment in Greater Noida with affordable charges. Darkening: – In this our body surface darker in the form of patches. Due to this epidermis looks ugly and dull in .parison of surrounding skin area. The difference in body color occurs when the production of melanin takes place in excess amount. The pigment normally takes place in the skin, forming deposits that darken the skin color. Redness: – In this case the epidermis red due sun rays to an allergic reaction; there are many situations in which your epidermis can be.e red or irritated. It may be because extra blood rashes to the skins surface to fight off irritants and encourage healing. Infection: – Due to dust and pollution our skin affects a lot. This kind of problems easily affects the sensitive skin easily. The general types of body surface are bacterial: Cellulitis and impetigo. Few are kind of staphylococcal infections which are also responsible to affect the skin. Viral infection includes: Shingles, warts, and herpes simplex. Fungal: Athlete’s foot and yeast infections. All skin care treatments give the body surface a younger and a fresh look. The main difference is in the way this is ac.plished, the area of the epidermis being considered and ratio of treatment. Some treatments affect only the upper layer of body, the epidermis, some affect only the lower layer of body, the membrane, and some affect both the membrane and the epidermis. Our board certified plastic surgeon can determine what kind of treatment is perfect for your particular body requirements in order to get the desired results About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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