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Careers-Employment TORONTO,March 8/PRNewswire/ — CloudSlam10, a virtual conference developed to promote collaborative analysis of the latest trends and challenges in the world of Cloud .puting, will .mence onMarch 23. CloudSlam10 is organized by leading experts and authorities in the Cloud .puting industry and backed up by the world’s largest Cloud .puting .munity. Key topics will include Cloud Standards, Security, Transition Strategies, .pliance & Impact of Cloud .puting on the Global Economy. Attendees will hear breaking news, views & opinions which are exclusive to CloudSlam10. CloudSlam’10 gives industry leaders’ and professionals’ keen insights into published research, unique and evolving ideas and best practices, as well as an opportunity to network with leading experts within the Cloud .puting industry. The conference is designed to be a thought leadership platform for Business, Government and Academia. It’s also an ideal opportunity for corporate leaders to glean information on the latest innovations in Cloud .puting, generate new contacts and develop ideas on how to capitalize on what’s estimated to eventually be.e a$100 billion dollarmarket. The CloudSlam10 speaker line-up will highlight new players in the Cloud .puting arena, as well as established players like IBM, who has been selected to be the Exclusive Diamond Collaborator for CloudSlam10. Dr.Kristof Kloeckner, CTO Enterprise Initiatives and Vice President Cloud Platforms, IBM Corporation, will present the Day One Headline Keynote address at the CloudSlam10 virtual event. Drawing on experience of working with IBM customers and IBM’s internal cloud deployments, Dr. Kloeckner will review the conditions under which Cloud .puting can deliver its promise of cost reductions, delivery efficiency, flexibility and agility, as well as share insights around customer adoption based on careful selection of workloads and appropriate deployment models. In addition, IBM senior software engineerDoug Tidwellwill discuss the need for and status around cloud .puting standards. IBM Primary Keynote Sessions: Headline Keynote Presentation – Presented onMarch 23rd@ 13.30(pm) EDT. Headline panel Discussion – Presented onMarch 23rd@ 16.00(pm) EDT. Headline Expert Session – Presented onMarch 24th@ 13.30(pm) EDT. Headline Case Study Session – Presented onMarch 25th@ 14.45(pm) EDT. .menting on the announcement today, CloudSlam10 Chairman Khazret Sapenov said, We are truly delighted to have IBM join this year’s proceedings as our Headline collaborator for the event. IBM brings a wealth of expertise and know-how which we are certain will educate our event delegates, Cloud .puting group .munity members, as well as the Global audiences tuning in worldwide. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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