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In addition to anal desire period, the child will hold up in these cases will be small and small – Sohu maternal and child if there is a lack of understanding of the parents anal desire period, I can explain here. "Anal desire period" and we often hear the "oral desire period", are from more than 100 years ago, psychoanalyst Floyd’s theory of sexual psychology". In Freud’s book "of his", he thinks the baby with age, will experience oral, anal stage, sex period, incubation period, genital five stages that people are born with an instinctive energy, the energy is expressed in different developmental stages by children different modes. In his view, 0-1 year old baby through the mouth to achieve sexual gratification, 1-3 years old, through the ban will get anal sexual pleasure. Freud, the "Three Essays on the theory of sexuality" has attracted great attention, also affects a lot of people, but also has been questioned by other schools of psychology, because that his theory is derived from several interviews, more of his own assumptions and inferences. Especially the "morbid personality and mental development of children and adults after the associated inference is questioned and criticized, very much like, he thought of childhood" anal "if not satisfied, the adult becomes" anal retentive personality "is too cautious and too much attention to details. Of course, tell the parents the children hold is due to the anal period, parents do not blame the child, still has a positive side, however, each child will hold reasons may be different, the anal period theory of parents can also affect the real reason for the judgment and correct response. In fact, to the end of last century, the mainstream psychological doctor in the United States and Europe does not support Freud’s "childhood sexual psychology theory", and called it "pansexual" I haven’t learned the spirit of in-depth analysis, so I think I understand there may be deviation, not in-depth analysis of this theory is scientific and feasible, self study can be of interest to everyone. I want to say is that the child will be a lot of reasons, each child’s reasons and performance may be different, is not a presence or not there is a strong controversy, anal desire period can be explained and included! So, what are the possible reasons for children? There are two reasons for my boss had experienced, I would like to share with you the specific situation. 1, the change in the environment, the first time my boss took place in the nursery just when. The nursery every day after lunch before he fixed to pull the stool, the day nursery, he did not pull the stool in the nursery at home did not pull, the second day at noon in the nursery or not, the results after dinner called stomach pain, to poopoo, results for a long time struggling in the toilet, out of the granular poo very hard, anus slightly torn and bleeding. Do you think this situation sounds familiar? After the child caregiver changes in life or new into the environment in the stool hold, still very common. This may be because the child in a strange environment.相关的主题文章:

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