IOS lock screen vulnerability reproduction! You can also see photos on the device without a password

IOS lock screen vulnerability reproduction! Without a password can also see the photo on the equipment – Sohu technology iOS again exposed the lock screen security vulnerabilities, the use of Siri and VoiceOver can successfully break the lock screen password iPhone, directly view any iPhone photos and information. IOS more than 8 of the system can not escape. Just follow the steps below to unlock the lock screen password, do not need programming technology, do not need special hardware, just a few minutes. Currently being tested in iOS 10.2 can also be easily pictures. Currently, apple does not seem to know this loophole, but I believe the future will be repaired. Want to implement the crack, first you have to know the phone number is cracked iPhone, if you do not know, you can query through the Siri. Directly asked Siri: "who am I?" Can。 The following is the detailed steps around the lock screen password: 1- dial to crack iPhone phone or FaceTime 2- call interface information click on the icon, and select "custom", enter the information reply interface 3- activates Siri, and perform "open VoiceOver" command in the 4- interface information, double-click the name and location of the incoming call, long press for, after rapid click keyboard 5- told Siri off VoiceOver 6- back to the information input interface, call the person’s name, click on the right side, and then create a new contact? 7- can now select contact photos, then you can see all the photos on the device. So how to prevent the screen around the lock? In fact, only closed in the lock screen state can be used Siri.相关的主题文章:

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